Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Lots of wonderful things are happening with Sixteen Small Stones! One of the MOST exciting things that is happening NOW is that we are getting TEAM SHIRTS made! YAY! We were supposed to get them printed today, but weren't about to, so we are doing it tomorrow about noon. SO...if you want a shirt, you have about 14 hours to let me know ;)! They are going to be INCREDIBLE! sure to check back often as we have a cool give-away coming up (hmmmm...I hope that wasn't supposed to be some kind of surprise, because the fact that I just announced it in the same paragraph as the shirts MAY give away what the "give-away" may be...but don't let that keep you from ordering one, because the giveaway will be...well, you will just have to see ;)!!!!!) Anyway, they are ONLY $20.00! ONLY TWENTY! SO CHEAP for such COOOOOL shirts! :D :D AND 100% of proceeds will go to helping people in our Partner Homes and Partner Programs! So, you get a fantastic shirt AND you help clothe and feed children around the world! What a great thing!! Okay, so "donations" have been AMAZING and SO ongoing! I love it and rejoice in the goodness of those whose hands have so generously and graciously sacrificed for children they don't even know. I also rejoice in the goodness of a God who loves and knows each of the children around the entire world. A loving and nurturing Father in Heaven who longs for the safety and joy of these children, who touched the hearts of amazing people to donate on their behalf, to pray for their safety and comfort, or to advocate for them, and be their voice, asking for help. THANK YOU, GOD! And thank you all for answering the call of God, who needs us to be "His hands and feet". Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!! About Operation: Fuzzi Bunz. So far, we have nothing. HOWEVER, one spectacular woman has offered to DONATE money for the fabric and supplies for ANOTHER incredible woman, who has offered her time and talent, to make a batch of diapers. To these women, I wish to say a MIGHTY and a VERY HEARTFELT THANK YOU. You are providing something that no one else could. Diapers are definitely NOT glamorous, but, I am sure to those dear children and those who care for them, they are going to be beautiful as gold and certainly more precious. I thank you for your sacrifice and kindness.


Sarah_Hol said...

I would love to buy a shirt! How can I do that?

gabi dickinson said...

This made me tear up actually.
Thank You Abba for Your love and your lavish kindness!

Sarah_Hollinger said...

Thank you so much! I actually want to talk to you further, especially about your work in Haiti! I'll send you an email, though, because it would be a really long comment! hahaha

About the t-shirts!!! I'm so excited to be able to support you and wear a cool t-shirt to advertise your AMAZING organization and mission for our Lord! Here are the shirts that I would love to get (I don't have shirts to send you...):
Brown-Large White-Medium

Sarah Hollinger
6114 Paddock Pl
Brentwood, TN 37027

Thank you so much and check your email! I actually just found your blog, too, and I am so excited about following the way God uses you too!

Matthew 9:35-38,
Sarah :)