Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Most Amazing Garage Sale in History

An Amazing Garage Sale! Sixteen Small Stones is in the process of planning the best Garage Sale of the year...maybe even of this CENTURY...=GASP= MAYBE even the most amazing in HISTORY! Why so amazing, you ask? First of all, ALL money made is going to help our Friend Homes and Friend Organizations! Isn't that fantastic? Second, as if that weren't enough, my Dad has pledged to match whatever amount is made at the Garage Sale!! So, if we make $50.00, my Dad will also give SSS $50.00! Isn't that amazing?! My Dad is so loving and generous. :) The final fantastic thing is the variety of items we will be selling and how we are setting things up. Okay, stay with me and hear how this is all going to work out. First, we will have the normal Garage Sale things. Second, we are going to be selling Sixteen Small Stones shirts! Third, we will be doing the traditional SSS fundraiser, a "Paint A Stone" table (where, for 16 cents you can paint a rock to take home). Fourth, (and I am REALLY excited about this one!) we are going to have an area of items that you buy and donate! So, you say how for much you want to "buy" an item and pay for it. Then, you take a tag and write your name on it (it will probably look something like the one pictured below) and pin it to the item. Then, you put the item in one of three boxes, the one labeled, "Foyer de Sion", the one labeled, "Serving His Children", or the one labeled "Racham Ministries/Children's Prison". You choose the donation, how much you think it is worth, AND to which ministry it will go! AMAZING! Of course, we are going to have literature set out about Sixteen Small Stones and all of our Friend Homes and Friend Organizations, so people can learn more about us, about our "FRIENDS" and about People In Crisis around the world! (If you are part of one of our Friend Homes/Organizations and you want us to show pictures or set out any literature about you, please let me know as soon as possible!! THANK YOU!!) If you are doing "Spring Cleaning" and would like to donate any items to our Garage Sale, please let me know and I will give you the address of where to drop off your items! We would be SO GRATEFUL to have more things to sell! I will update for sure when the Garage Sale will be (it is all depending on when the shirts are done being printed!). In the meantime, search around you home for anything you don't use anymore and would like to donate, or start searching under the couch cushions for change to spend at the Garage Sale! :) Thank you all SO MUCH! This is going to be SO FUN and I hope everyone will at least stop by, say HI and paint a stone!

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gabi dickinson said...

I am soooooooooooo grateful and soooooooooooo excited for this! Feel free to use any info from the Racham blog. Or shall I write something and send it to you to use? I wish I had promotional booklets or something. Maybe I should work on that!