Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year!!

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! This is a FANTASTIC new year, and here is why. I called Katie to wish her a happy Chinese New Year. I have never the entire time I have known her heard her voice so happy, so full of hope. Of course, she will always have to "work" like everyone, but she is no longer a prisoner. She has her life back. She has her daughter back. She and her family had gone out to eat for the holiday, and were outside walking around town. It was snowing and they were feeling the excitement and and magic that comes when a small child sees the first snowfall of the year. I admit, I don't like it when it snows. It is cold, and slushy and I hate it. I don't want to take Taiger outside to play in the snow. My feet get cold and wet, and my hands get cold. I am willing to miss those moments in a magical snowfall because I am a mother who has had the luxury of being with my child every second of his life. I have seen his eyes light up with magic. I have held him in my arms and absorbed his joy and excitement. I have laughed with him over the simple things in life. And now Katie gets to experience that with her daughter, for the first time in her daughter's life. This New Year is wonderful for Katie and her family because of the hope you have all given her. Through your support, your love, your prayers. The warm clothes sent for YueYue made it possible for her to stand out in the snow with her parents, surrounded by their love and their presence, and watch as the icy glitter drifted down. Thank you all for giving this family hope, joy and, most importantly, each other.