Friday, April 30, 2010


Found. Abe and Aninda have been found! PRAISE GOD! I don't know the entire situation, but it sounds like Abe and Aninda were still (again?) at Luckyhill when they were found. It was NOT easy to get Kingsley to "give them up", but, thank The Lord, he did! They are now safe and sound with a new foster family, sleeping in warm beds, being fed well, AND being loved on!!!! I guess when they found the boys, their "new Dad" shouted HOSANNA! Shouting right along with him. "...Amazing grace, how sweet the sound...I once was lost, but now, am found." It strikes me that Heavenly Father knew all along where those two little boys were. :)

Thursday, April 29, 2010


I remember when I thought nothing was really HAPPENING with Sixteen Small Stones. In my heart, I knew things were, in fact, happening...they were all just happening, well, "behind the scenes", as it were. I knew God had His plans, and He was working on His end of things, while on my end, I waited. I waited for His plan to be made known. I still wait for that. I waited for action. I do NOT wait for that now!! It seems every day is a whirlwind for Sixteen Small Stones. Planning, praying, ACTING! So much going on...donations, shirts, cards...So many to help...Haiti, China, Africa...New ministires. New faces. New prayers. New love. Lots and lots of love! I still wait for His plan to be made known. But I have learned that this is something I will "wait" for until the end of my days. God's plan will never be laid before ME as it is before HIM! Tonight, I made Taiger take a bath. He really needed a good scrubbing, but, more than that, I needed the time to prepare a special gift I was planning to give him. Taiger complained. He whined. He procrastinated. When I finally lured him into the bath, he did more whining...the water was in his eyes, the water was too hot, there was soggy paper in the water (did I really just admit that?! It was just the wrapper off the shampoo could be worse!). Finally, I told him I had a special gift for him, but he had to be good in the bath. He had to wash his hair. "What is it?!" He had to wash his face. "What color is it?" He had to dry off. "Is it a...". He had to lotion up. "When do I get it?!" He had to get his pijamas on. "PLEASE can I have it now?!" I had a plan. Taiger didn't know all of my plan. He knew there was something special, but he didn't know what it was. He didn't know why he had to take the bath (so I could prepare it for him without him seeing it). He didn't know why he had to get in his pijamas first (because I knew if I gave it to him before, he would be so busy playing with his new surprise, he wouldn't stop to get his pijamas on, and then he would fall asleep without pjs and he'd be cold all night). He didn't know all of this. Why didn't I just tell him? was not the right time. Because he was not ready. (If I had told him, he would have wanted to play with it right then and the software wouldn't have been downloaded, and he NEVER would have had a bath and he would have been dirty and smelly! Then, he wouldn't have gotten in his pjs so he would have been cold all night...). My timing was better. I knew how it would turn out and I knew the better plan. Sometimes, I am like Taiger. I want to know NOW! I HATE waiting! I KNOW God has something special for me...and for so long I have waited to know what it is! Now, I realize, God's plan is not something I need to know. I just need to follow His will, step by step, and in the end, all will be right. I think everyone knows this news, but I want to make SURE everyone knows. In a few months, Taiger and I are moving to China (finally, right?! LOL!). I will be in school there, taking my last Chinese classes toward my major. Taiger will be...well, that is still a mystory. I suppose he will be coming to my college classes with me (unless anyone wants to volunteer to nanny? Anyone? No? Didn't think so...but it was worth a shot. :) ). The IDEA is to eventually start a food program in China, similar to the ones Katie Davis and Renee Bach run in Uganda (; You notice I said "IDEA" and NOT "PLAN". That is because I have no plan! ONE idea is to start a food program. But only GOD knows THE REAL PLAN! Only He knows what He has planned for Taiger's and my life! So, I take His hand, and step into the darkness. I can't wait to see where He leads us!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Today was an AMAZING day for Sixteen Small Stones!! :)
First of all, I ordered FREE business cards for Sixteen Small Stones! Is is a HUGE blessing! The amazing part? They were FREE! Check out!!
Next...about the shirts. I now have a picture of the design for you all to see! YAY! The shirts are not necessarily this color (the MEN's ones are, similar, though) but it gives you an idea of the image and writing on the front. :D THANK YOU, Michael, for this fabulous design! (I will post actual photographs of the finished shirts once they are done being printed!)
We were able to purchase several more plain shirts at the sale price!! So, anyone ordering in the near future, you will still get the same great price of only $20.00!!!! Also, earlier this week the company printing our shirts waved the set-up fee because it is for a Non-Profit!!!!! Talk about true miracles. :D :D I didn't know how on earth I would come up with the money for the set-up fee. Thank you, Fast Signs in Murray, Utah! You are AMAZING! :D :D For those of you who have already ordered your shirts, we have not forgotten about you! I am sorry it is taking longer than I had expected. There have been NO "problems"...just logistics to be worked out, and I appreciate you being patient with us. :)
Next, Sixteen Small Stones has had some very, very kind and generous people DONATE MONEY to Sixteen Small Stones over this past week or so. When people donate (money, time, items), it really, really blows me away. I am totally blind-sided and don't really know what hit me. I am so in shock, and in this state of INSTANT humility. I feel my legs kind of go shaky, my jaw drops and in my mind I start shouting prayers of THANKS. Then, I come to this point where I have to come up with some words to express how I feel about what they have done. THANK YOU just doesn't ever seem like enough. My mind is screaming, "The only way to thank them is to buy them a gift, or pay them back" and my logical mind screams back, "SILLY! That totally defeats the purpose of their donation! HA!" So, I am left at a loss for words and in a state of being totally overwhelmed with gratitude. So...THANK YOU, for lack of better words, to everyone who donated this week and EVER. I just want to make absolutely SURE you all know how thankful we are.
For donations, I have some MORE good news (it just keeps comin' tonight, huh?! LOVE IT!)! I received a package yesterday of FOUR FUZZI BUNZ diapers! YAY! Again, blown away with gratitude...and now even MORE good news! The kind person who donated the diapers sent me an email today saying they want to donate TWENTY MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That means TWENTY FOUR diapers for Renee to use in Uganda! TWENTY FOUR! I am so, so thankful.
And now, for the last bit of news, and I really HAVE saved the best for last...
We MAY have an idea of where Abe and Aninda are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When I read this at Full Plate Mama's blog (, I kind of went numb for a second. I thought I had misread it, or hadn't understood, or something. When I reread it, I got goosebumps all over my arms and tears in my eyes. I know it is too early to really believe they are safe and well, but I can't help praising God for His mercy, His goodness, and the way He knows everyone...each sparrow that falls from the sky is accounted for. Please continue to pray as the search continues for these two brothers, and as help continues for all of the children from Luckyhill. :)
So much for which to be thankful tonight. Thank you, all. :)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Most Amazing Garage Sale in History

An Amazing Garage Sale! Sixteen Small Stones is in the process of planning the best Garage Sale of the year...maybe even of this CENTURY...=GASP= MAYBE even the most amazing in HISTORY! Why so amazing, you ask? First of all, ALL money made is going to help our Friend Homes and Friend Organizations! Isn't that fantastic? Second, as if that weren't enough, my Dad has pledged to match whatever amount is made at the Garage Sale!! So, if we make $50.00, my Dad will also give SSS $50.00! Isn't that amazing?! My Dad is so loving and generous. :) The final fantastic thing is the variety of items we will be selling and how we are setting things up. Okay, stay with me and hear how this is all going to work out. First, we will have the normal Garage Sale things. Second, we are going to be selling Sixteen Small Stones shirts! Third, we will be doing the traditional SSS fundraiser, a "Paint A Stone" table (where, for 16 cents you can paint a rock to take home). Fourth, (and I am REALLY excited about this one!) we are going to have an area of items that you buy and donate! So, you say how for much you want to "buy" an item and pay for it. Then, you take a tag and write your name on it (it will probably look something like the one pictured below) and pin it to the item. Then, you put the item in one of three boxes, the one labeled, "Foyer de Sion", the one labeled, "Serving His Children", or the one labeled "Racham Ministries/Children's Prison". You choose the donation, how much you think it is worth, AND to which ministry it will go! AMAZING! Of course, we are going to have literature set out about Sixteen Small Stones and all of our Friend Homes and Friend Organizations, so people can learn more about us, about our "FRIENDS" and about People In Crisis around the world! (If you are part of one of our Friend Homes/Organizations and you want us to show pictures or set out any literature about you, please let me know as soon as possible!! THANK YOU!!) If you are doing "Spring Cleaning" and would like to donate any items to our Garage Sale, please let me know and I will give you the address of where to drop off your items! We would be SO GRATEFUL to have more things to sell! I will update for sure when the Garage Sale will be (it is all depending on when the shirts are done being printed!). In the meantime, search around you home for anything you don't use anymore and would like to donate, or start searching under the couch cushions for change to spend at the Garage Sale! :) Thank you all SO MUCH! This is going to be SO FUN and I hope everyone will at least stop by, say HI and paint a stone!

Friday, April 23, 2010

An Important Letter to All Readers

Out of respect for everyone involved with Luckyhill, I have removed all recent posts pertaining to Luckyhill. However, Sixteen Small Stones is still very much involved with helping the children from Luckyhill and we are still accepting donations on behalf of those children. At this time, we ask that you please do not post questions regarding Luckyhill as comments on this blog. If you have any questions regarding Luckyhill and donations, please send them to us privately at and I would be more than happy to answer your questions as quickly as I can. Your respect to this request is greatly appreciated! Please continue in prayer for Luckyhill and the wonderful children and people there. Your continued support is invaluable! The sweet children are, as always, in great need of love and support, and we continue to collect monetary donations to help support Luckyhill's Nutrition Program. As always, you may donate with the paypal button on this blog. Thank you all for your understanding and support! With Gratitude, Breclyn S. Everett President Sixteen Small Stones

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Today, we went and bought the rest of the shirts AND went to the printer's! Still working everything out, so PLEASE be patient, if you have ordered a shirt and don't receive it right away. I have no clue how long it will take them to print the shirts, but know we will get them as quickly as possible! If you are wondering about an ETA, feel free to post or email me. :)
Shopping for shirts!
Bryttan and Taiger helped me pick out just the right ones for all of you! For those of you who ordered a WHITE shirt...they are SO MUCH BETTER than we thought they would be! I had assumed they would be "under shirt" quality, BUT NO! They are made out of GREAT fabric! They are soft and kind of stretchy a little, so they will lay so nicely. :) YAY!
So much love here!
For those of you who have NOT ordered a shirt, check these out! They are incredible and you will LOOOOOVE them! :D You can still order them, if you want one! We now also have ORANGE! It is so pretty! (If you ordered a different color and now want orange, let me know TONIGHT OR AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!) Anyway, they are only $20.00 and the purchase of one can help SOOOO many people! If you DO want to order one, you can pay via the paypal button on this very page! In the notes, please specify the color and size you would like. Be sure to also include your name, address AND email address so we can contact you! THANK YOU!
Taiger was helping us look for the perfect white shirts...when he suddenly came around the corner with one hanging from his curly hair! So silly!
Okay, last but NOT least...we have another product in the works. Shhhhh....don't tell! I haven't even told my Team Leaders yet! (Um, surprise??)
Here is Bryttan outside of the print shop!! Isn't she just the cutest?!
AND don't forget to check back in the next few days to learn more about the GIVE AWAY! So excited you just can't even stand it? I will give you a little heads up...Think of anyone you know who blogs. That's all I'm sayin'!
Of course, since he was SUCH a good boy while we were shopping, Taiger simply HAD to ride the escalator, and Bryttan was kind enough to escort him while I paid.
Okay! NOW for pictures of THE SHIRTS! Of course, they are NOT printed yet, but this gives you all an idea of the styles and colours we are doing!! Don't you just want to wear one RIGHT NOW?! I know I do!
Here are pictures of our oh-so-fashionable shirts! Please note that the FIRST orange one comes only in CHILD'S sizes! (Yes, you CAN buy child's size! We LOVE tiny supporters! :)!! )
So, the colours are, from left to right:
PLEASE NOTE: The LIGHT BROWN has a "V" neck! Also, the LIGHT BROWN is the NEW BROWN, and isn't nearly so snug as the original brown. These new browns are the ones we will be sending to EVERYONE who ordered "brown" on this next shipment. (Don't worry...they still fit nicely...they just fit like a shirt rather than a glove...Hooray for conservative dressing!:) )

Here is the CHILD'S DARK ORANGE for you to see a little closer. It is made of heavy cotton and felt really durable.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Lots of wonderful things are happening with Sixteen Small Stones! One of the MOST exciting things that is happening NOW is that we are getting TEAM SHIRTS made! YAY! We were supposed to get them printed today, but weren't about to, so we are doing it tomorrow about noon. SO...if you want a shirt, you have about 14 hours to let me know ;)! They are going to be INCREDIBLE! sure to check back often as we have a cool give-away coming up (hmmmm...I hope that wasn't supposed to be some kind of surprise, because the fact that I just announced it in the same paragraph as the shirts MAY give away what the "give-away" may be...but don't let that keep you from ordering one, because the giveaway will be...well, you will just have to see ;)!!!!!) Anyway, they are ONLY $20.00! ONLY TWENTY! SO CHEAP for such COOOOOL shirts! :D :D AND 100% of proceeds will go to helping people in our Partner Homes and Partner Programs! So, you get a fantastic shirt AND you help clothe and feed children around the world! What a great thing!! Okay, so "donations" have been AMAZING and SO ongoing! I love it and rejoice in the goodness of those whose hands have so generously and graciously sacrificed for children they don't even know. I also rejoice in the goodness of a God who loves and knows each of the children around the entire world. A loving and nurturing Father in Heaven who longs for the safety and joy of these children, who touched the hearts of amazing people to donate on their behalf, to pray for their safety and comfort, or to advocate for them, and be their voice, asking for help. THANK YOU, GOD! And thank you all for answering the call of God, who needs us to be "His hands and feet". Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!! About Operation: Fuzzi Bunz. So far, we have nothing. HOWEVER, one spectacular woman has offered to DONATE money for the fabric and supplies for ANOTHER incredible woman, who has offered her time and talent, to make a batch of diapers. To these women, I wish to say a MIGHTY and a VERY HEARTFELT THANK YOU. You are providing something that no one else could. Diapers are definitely NOT glamorous, but, I am sure to those dear children and those who care for them, they are going to be beautiful as gold and certainly more precious. I thank you for your sacrifice and kindness.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

About A Place We Are Trying To Help

I know there are a lot of people who have not read the blog about the "prison" in Uganda. The blog is is heart breaking and hard to handle. For several days after reading it, I was on the verge of tears (and I was taking my "Happy Pills", so it wasn't that, okay?! :) ). The post is descriptive and it tells the horrors of what this children endure daily. Because it is so sad, I think many people are avoiding reading it. I do not want you to be depressed or overly upset, but I do think allowing your heart to break for someone else can be a good thing. It can cause you to ACT, even if that means doing something as simple as adding something to your prayers at night. God has asked us to "mourn with those that mourn". Sometimes, I am afraid to learn about tragedies. I don't want to know! But I don't want to know for selfish reasons. I don't want to hurt. I don't want to feel sad. Sometimes, I just plain don't want to say longer prayers! :) The fact is, that, as the song says, once we have seen, we are responsible. Each time we learn of something horrible, we are help responsible to act. And sometimes, so much responsibility can be overwhelming. God does not ask us to become bogged down, overly burdened or incapacitated (sometimes, it can become like that, can't it?) by worrying or by feeling guilty or by feeling upset for others. At the same time, we ARE asked to be our brother's keeper.
So, I am bringing SOME of the story to you. I will NOT burden this post with all of the details, as you can read those at the blog whose link I posted. If you feel comfortable to learn a bit about this place, please continue reading. This is a place I really hope to continue to serve and help, so you may want to know a bit about it. If not, that is okay, too. :)
In Uganda, there is a "rehabilitation center" for youth. You might imagine a place for "troubled youth" or minors who have committed petty crime.
Imagine, instead, a place where babies without parents are left to fend for themselves.
Imagine a place of cement, where doors are padlocked shut at night and children have no choice but to urinate on their beds, if they are lucky enough to have one (over 100 of the children are without beds and sleep on the hard cement floor...I imagine those would include the toddlers, too small to fight for a place in a bed).
Imagine a place where there is no adult supervision. Image a place where food is brought only once a day, if that, and it is a watered down mush, and there is not much of it. Imagine a place where children are chained to windows. Imagine a place where children are locked in small cells, often for days at a time, with no food or water and no clothing.
Now you are imagining the place we are trying to help.
Children are brought to this place for many reasons. One girl killed her father because he was raping all of her sisters and came for her. One child was simply left there by his mother. Another was found badly injured (I will not give details here, as it is quite heartbreaking) by his grandmother, who injured him this way so she could bring in more money when begging. Many of the children are very young, some only babies. Most are boys, orphaned or "useless" girls never make it there as they can be sold into prostitution.
One young woman has been helping this place for two years. When she first found the place, they would feed the children by throwing the "food" on the ground and letting the children fight over it on their hands and knees. She donated dishes so they could at least each get a fair share of whatever was supplied. She also has sponsored several children to go to school, and has continued looking for other people to sponsor more children. She has singing time with the children, which they all (even the older kids) greatly enjoy. She hands out clothing and does all she can for these children.
This little girl is holding a woman's skirt around her for clothing.
One of our friends, Gabi with Racham Ministires, is moving to Uganda soon and is going to be spending time working with the youth in this "rehabilitation center", more commonly known as a prison. She has many wonderful plans to help these children, but she cannot do it alone. Sixteen Small Stones wants to help! Once Gabi is there and can get a better feel for the needs of the children, we, in turn, will have a better idea of how we can help. In the meantime, we know for certain that many of the children have no clothing, so we are collecting clothing donations. We also know, as I stated before, that most of the children are boys, so we are going to really try and collect boys clothing.
More than any donations of clothing or money or ANYTHING, what these children (and the women working with them!) really need are our PRAYERS. Heavenly Father knows each of these children. He knows each of their hearts, their fears, their pains. He knows their lives, their past, and He also knows their future. HE. LOVES. THEM. They are HIS CHILDREN. Through Christ and Heavenly Father, these children can feel joy. Through The Holy Ghost, these children can feel comforted. By feeling the love of a kind Heavenly Father, they can feel HOPE. Let us lift them in prayer as we would lift them with our hands from the dirt of the earth if we were there. Let us cover them in prayer as we would cover them in comforting clothing and blankets if we were there. Let us wrap them in prayer as we would wrap them in our arms if we were there.
Thank you all, so much!

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Ugly, AKA, A Terrible Rant

If you don't want to see the "ugly" side of me, don't read this post. A nicer post is coming, I promise, and you can just wait for that one, if you want. I hate money. Hate, hate, hate it. It brings sorrow, and it brings false joy. It causes death for some and breathes life for others without reason or rhyme. Money causes woe and misery when it is lacked AND where it is found in abundance. Money is the root of ALL evil, some say. Money causes tears, money causes hatered. Money can lead to murder and a long list of other horrific acts. I. HATE. Money. And yet, I find myself constantly begging for money for Sixteen Small Stones. How often have I asked people I don't even really know to donate? How often have I WISHED I had money to buy food, clothes, blankets for the orphans? How often have I thought, "If I had the money, I would send all of these donations...". How often have I said, "If I had the money, I would be on a plain to Whatever Place to help and to gather those babies in my arms!" I beg. I really, really do. Pathetically and usually shamelessly. The gratitude I feel over any tiny donation is like that of any other sincere beggar (and I don't mean the guy on the corner in BRAND NEW Ni*ke's, okay?). I often cry over donations. Sometimes I laugh so hard and loudly that I think my very soul will explode, so overwhelmed am I at the thought of someone donating. In tears of joy or laughter, I praise God for His mercy and for sending someone with a broken heart (and now wallet, probably) to give what I cannot. There is a group I follow (kind of) on facebook. This group is trying to help people around America. They are four youths, maybe 19-22. They are going to travel around the U.S. and help people start small NGOs to help their communities. A worthy cause. A good idea. It is wonderful that they are helping so many people! But why are people so drawn to THIS cause? In their FIRST DAY on facebook, they earned over $700.00 in donations. Today, they earned almost $1,000.00. In one day. I am so, so thankful that people will help them! I think their work is noble and amazing and wonderful! I am just wondering WHY people are more willing to donate to them than other places. I see some of the smaller ministries with whom we work, struggling to earn enough to feed the children in their care, begging for any small donation. Trying to draw blood from a turnip. Why are people more enthusiastic about one kind of NGO than another? Thoughts? Suggestions? Ideas? I am SOOOO thankful for the donations we have brought in! They have helped so much and are changing so many lives! But why is it so hard to find more people who will donate? I thought it was because of the economy, because of this or that, but this group is not facing these struggles. If they need money, they mention it and their costs for anything are covered. Today, they needed $800.00 and they were donated a thousand. Do they get donations because they DON'T beg? Am I SO pathetic that people refuse to donate? Like how no one will kick a dog, but they will squish a fly...because it is certainly the more pathetic of the two. Do I beg like a fly or a dog? How off track can I get in this post? How greedy and obnoxious can I sound? I will leave it to your comments to judge that. Thank you for listening to my rant.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Update and PICTURES of Sarah!!

I have SO MUCH exciting news to share! I will not expound on anything much because I want to keep this short. But PLEASE read to the end! You will be glad you did! ;)
First of all, we are in touch with a NEW MINISTRY! This is SO EXCITING! Gabi is an AMAZING woman with HUGE heart, and a HUGE faith in Christ! I know she is changing lives and bringing Christ to the people she serves. I am so thankful she is letting us be in touch with her and participate in a small way with her ministry. Her link is Please join me in praying for Gabi and her ministry!
Okay, I have also learned of a heartbreaking situation in Uganda. I will not explain it here...just go to the link and READ! Gabi is going to be working with these children, and we hope to support her in helping these children. ONE great need at this time is clothing for boys/young men in this prison! If you have ANY to donate, please let us know! PLEASE consider making a donation of clothing OR money! You can donate via our paypal on this blog. Please not you want the money to go to the Rehabilitation Center in Uganda. THANK YOU!
The NEXT exciting news...WE HAVE A WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is not entirely competed, but it is AMAZING! Thank you, SO MUCH, to Michael Kramer for his AMAZING work! Michael did this ENTIRE website FREE of charge! The time and work he put into making this website is staggering, and it did it all without compensation. Michael is so kind and caring, not to mention SUPER talented with building websites, and we want to really express our GRATITUDE for his hard work and for the beautiful website he created for us! Check it out at Feel free to share this website on your facebook, blog, website, ANYWHERE to help spread the word! :)
Thank you all for your continued support! I wanted to let you know we have had MORE donations come in this week, and we have MORE coming on Tuesday! Thank you all for the donations you have made, and for covering us in prayer! Thank you all so, so much!
Finally, but not least in excitement...remember little Sarah? She is the sweet girl on our picture for Operation: Fuzzi Bunz. Renee with Serving His Children has done such an AMAZING job caring for Sarah (and for ALL of the kids in her care!) and I am so excited to report that she is doing so much better! Thank you all for covering this tiny, precious girl in your prayers! Sarah inspired Operation: Warm Blankets as well as Operation: Fuzzi Bunz. She is a blessing and a joy and I am so thankful to Renee for sharing her story with us! Please take the time to read Renee's blog at and lift her and these children up in PRAYER!
Now, for the fun part! PICTURES! Here are pictures of Sarah, when she came to Renee, and how she is NOW!

God is CERTAINLY over this great work! How God loves the children! He will not leave them orphaned...He will come to them! Praise God for His goodness and kindness and love!

Thank you all, again, for your support and prayers! :D

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Barefoot In The Park...or the mall

Today is "One Day Without Shoes" day! I am going barefoot to show my love and concern for those around the globe who live daily without shoes. I think of little William (read older posts to hear about William) and the pain he endured because he didn't have shoes.
I am going to really put myself out there and admit something. I really struggle with feeling EMPATHY toward people without shoes. I haven't EXPERIENCED it. I feel sad about it, but it doesn't click in my mind...that feeling of going without shoes. I am so thankful that I could learn about William, and learn about the child soldiers who are forced to walk shoeless. I am so thankful for the things I have learned which help me SYMPATHIZE. But I still long for that feeling of EMPATHY. To feel my heart rip in two as if it were ME. I am praying that today, God will change my heart. That He will give me the EXPERIENCE to EMPATHIZE rather than just sympathize.
My sister is getting married, and today was the designated day to do a big "Shop for the wedding" excursion. Because I am THE MAID OF HONOR, I will be going with them on this event. And I will be going barefoot. I wrote on my feet, "I HAVE LOVE ON MY SOUL". Taiger's say, "Yo ho A PIRATE'S LIFE FOR ME". I try and teach him compassion, but at some point, I have to let him be himself, too. :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


So, my silly computer won't let me post pictures on my last post, so I am posting them in their own, sweet post. Pretend they are inserted in the last post, tucked away between paragraphs in an artistic way...okay, who are we kidding? Even if I COULD do it, they wouldn't look "artistic"! But you still can pretend. Also, I just wanted to say AGAIN, a HUMONGOUS THANK YOU to EVERYONE who donated!!!!! I wish I could express how much your donations are appreciated! :D

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I am so happy, excited and GRATEFUL!!!!!!! I spent time this afternoon sorting and organzing the donations that have come to Sixteen Small Stones over the past few weeks!! What a joyous and humbling experience. To have four boxes, labled for different Friend Homes, and PILES of donations to sort was like a dream come true. To work as the one who passes things from donors to people who need the donations is an amazing and spiritual place to be. I was in awe at the goodness of the people who donated, and in awe of the GOODNESS of mankind and GOD...God, who provides all, who loves all, and who has a perfect way and a perfect plan. I was amazed and SO THANKFUL for the NICE donations we received. My heart was bursting as I sorted them. Blankets, towels, toiletries, baby clothes (SO CUTE! hee hee), children's clothes, clothes for winter, clothes for summer, clothes for rain and clothes for shine. I cannot express how it felt and I wish all of you could have been there to see it all, and experience the joy and gratitude. As I made the rather difficult decision about which home would receive which item, I pictured the children who would be wearing the clothes. I HAD to in order to organize...picture them, their situation, their surroundings. Will this outfit be too warm? Too cold? How tall are the children there? Which house takes in babies? Which house cares for older children? But I also WANTED to! I thought of the children in China who are blind and would want clothes that are soft to the touch, easy to put on and take off, with some that are warm for the bitter winter cold, and some that are cool for the opressing heat of summer. I thought of the children in Renee's care, who are thin and ill so require petite, soft, warm clothes in the begining, but more sturdy and functional clothes once they return home. I thought of the children at Luckyhill, who have shelter, but not much else, and may need clothing that will keep them warm on the cool nights in the rainy season. I thought of the people in Haiti, who have neither clothing nor shelter. The mothers carrying babies and trying to keep them warm in the cool nights, and keep them cool in the blistering heat of the day. Mothers who always, always, always worry about their children's comfort and security and safety. I imagined the children who will wear these clothes, or find comfort and warmth in the blankets. It was a wonderful experience to think so deeply about each child who would bennifit from these donations. THANK YOU for your donations and support! :D Taiger "helped" me organize (in the way four year olds do...little help, but LOTS of HEART!) and seperate everything into the boxes.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


HAPPY EASTER!! I have so much I want to say, but I have not been able all day to organize my thoughts. So, I will ramble here for a second, and I cannot promise my rambling will ever come full circle to make sense! :D This Easter has been very special to me. First of all, having a sweet little four year old to teach about Jesus Christ, his Atonement and His resurrection has been fantastic. Last night, we had a special Family Home Evening about Christ, and it brought The Spirit into our home and into our hearts. Then, today when he hunted Easter eggs, he was SO EXCITED! I have never, ever in all my days seen a child so excited about finding Easter Eggs. It was heartwarming and touching. To watch his pure, whimsical and fanciful joy made me feel like I was learning something about Easter, but I couldn't quite put my finger on what. It made me think of all the times we are commanded in Scripture to "become as a little child". It reminded me of when Christ said to, "let the little ones come unto me", and when the Angles came down from Heaven and ministered to the children, and Jesus said, "Behold, your little ones". I wish I could understand better the things of my spirit, but I cannot, and because of that, it is difficult to put into words the FEELINGS, the stirring of my spirit, I feel inside. Next, this Easter was very moving because of all of the things I have learned in the past year. About the children and people around the world who are suffering. About the sorrow and pain in the world. Easter celebrates the Atonement and Resurrection of Jesus Christ! That night, in the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus Christ felt all of the pain and sorrow we feel in this life. Jesus KNOWS how the children starving in Africa feel. Jesus KNOWS how the child slaves in China feel. Jesus KNOWS the fear the people of Haiti felt when the earthquake struck. At the same time, Jesus KNOWS the feelings and hearts and minds of the members of the LRA. He KNOWS the feelings and the hearts and minds of the men and women who work the child slaves. Because of Jesus' Atonement and Resurrection, we can all LIVE FOREVER with Him in Heaven, where there will be NO pain, hunger, fear, sickness, suffering. Because of Jesus' Atonement and Resurrection, we can BE FORGIVEN OF OUR SINS. WE CAN BE MADE WHOLE AGAIN THROUGH THE BLOOD OF CHRIST. I bear testimony that I KNOW JESUS LIVES! I KNOW He died on the cross FOR US. I KNOW that three days after His death, Jesus rose and left the tomb. I KNOW that He visited the people on the American continents and that the record of those people in this hemisphere can be found in The Book Of Mormon. I KNOW our families can be together FOREVER. I KNOW Jesus Christ is the Son of God. "CHRIST THE LORD IS RISEN TODAY! ALLELUIA!"

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Vantines, Valentines! How many do I see?

I just wanted to post some pictures from a BIG DAY for Sixteen Small Stones!! This is from the day we sent off the lovely Valentines donated to the children in all of our homes. We are still waiting to send a couple of the boxes (darn it!) but they are all packaged up and ready to go when we get the go-ahead from the right people.
I know I do a LOT of asking for things for Sixteen Small Stones, but I wanted to take this opportunity to say a HUGE, "THANK YOU" for all you do for us. Sixteen Small Stones would be NOTHING without your help! I am constantly amazed at the good hearts of the people who help Sixteen Small Stones. You are all amazing, kind, wonderful people, and I so appreciate all you do for us, and I so appreciate your encouraging words and your prayers and love! Thank you so, so much.