Saturday, April 10, 2010

Update and PICTURES of Sarah!!

I have SO MUCH exciting news to share! I will not expound on anything much because I want to keep this short. But PLEASE read to the end! You will be glad you did! ;)
First of all, we are in touch with a NEW MINISTRY! This is SO EXCITING! Gabi is an AMAZING woman with HUGE heart, and a HUGE faith in Christ! I know she is changing lives and bringing Christ to the people she serves. I am so thankful she is letting us be in touch with her and participate in a small way with her ministry. Her link is Please join me in praying for Gabi and her ministry!
Okay, I have also learned of a heartbreaking situation in Uganda. I will not explain it here...just go to the link and READ! Gabi is going to be working with these children, and we hope to support her in helping these children. ONE great need at this time is clothing for boys/young men in this prison! If you have ANY to donate, please let us know! PLEASE consider making a donation of clothing OR money! You can donate via our paypal on this blog. Please not you want the money to go to the Rehabilitation Center in Uganda. THANK YOU!
The NEXT exciting news...WE HAVE A WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is not entirely competed, but it is AMAZING! Thank you, SO MUCH, to Michael Kramer for his AMAZING work! Michael did this ENTIRE website FREE of charge! The time and work he put into making this website is staggering, and it did it all without compensation. Michael is so kind and caring, not to mention SUPER talented with building websites, and we want to really express our GRATITUDE for his hard work and for the beautiful website he created for us! Check it out at Feel free to share this website on your facebook, blog, website, ANYWHERE to help spread the word! :)
Thank you all for your continued support! I wanted to let you know we have had MORE donations come in this week, and we have MORE coming on Tuesday! Thank you all for the donations you have made, and for covering us in prayer! Thank you all so, so much!
Finally, but not least in excitement...remember little Sarah? She is the sweet girl on our picture for Operation: Fuzzi Bunz. Renee with Serving His Children has done such an AMAZING job caring for Sarah (and for ALL of the kids in her care!) and I am so excited to report that she is doing so much better! Thank you all for covering this tiny, precious girl in your prayers! Sarah inspired Operation: Warm Blankets as well as Operation: Fuzzi Bunz. She is a blessing and a joy and I am so thankful to Renee for sharing her story with us! Please take the time to read Renee's blog at and lift her and these children up in PRAYER!
Now, for the fun part! PICTURES! Here are pictures of Sarah, when she came to Renee, and how she is NOW!

God is CERTAINLY over this great work! How God loves the children! He will not leave them orphaned...He will come to them! Praise God for His goodness and kindness and love!

Thank you all, again, for your support and prayers! :D


B-Blogit said...

Love the website that is awesome! Whoever made that is extremely talented! It looks so great!

gabi dickinson said...

Thankyou to Heaven and back! Times infinity!


You're amazing! I am finally a follower of your blog! it to late to get a Tshirt?