Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Today was an AMAZING day for Sixteen Small Stones!! :)
First of all, I ordered FREE business cards for Sixteen Small Stones! Is is a HUGE blessing! The amazing part? They were FREE! Check out visaprint.com!!
Next...about the shirts. I now have a picture of the design for you all to see! YAY! The shirts are not necessarily this color (the MEN's ones are, similar, though) but it gives you an idea of the image and writing on the front. :D THANK YOU, Michael, for this fabulous design! (I will post actual photographs of the finished shirts once they are done being printed!)
We were able to purchase several more plain shirts at the sale price!! So, anyone ordering in the near future, you will still get the same great price of only $20.00!!!! Also, earlier this week the company printing our shirts waved the set-up fee because it is for a Non-Profit!!!!! Talk about true miracles. :D :D I didn't know how on earth I would come up with the money for the set-up fee. Thank you, Fast Signs in Murray, Utah! You are AMAZING! :D :D For those of you who have already ordered your shirts, we have not forgotten about you! I am sorry it is taking longer than I had expected. There have been NO "problems"...just logistics to be worked out, and I appreciate you being patient with us. :)
Next, Sixteen Small Stones has had some very, very kind and generous people DONATE MONEY to Sixteen Small Stones over this past week or so. When people donate (money, time, items), it really, really blows me away. I am totally blind-sided and don't really know what hit me. I am so in shock, and in this state of INSTANT humility. I feel my legs kind of go shaky, my jaw drops and in my mind I start shouting prayers of THANKS. Then, I come to this point where I have to come up with some words to express how I feel about what they have done. THANK YOU just doesn't ever seem like enough. My mind is screaming, "The only way to thank them is to buy them a gift, or pay them back" and my logical mind screams back, "SILLY! That totally defeats the purpose of their donation! HA!" So, I am left at a loss for words and in a state of being totally overwhelmed with gratitude. So...THANK YOU, for lack of better words, to everyone who donated this week and EVER. I just want to make absolutely SURE you all know how thankful we are.
For donations, I have some MORE good news (it just keeps comin' tonight, huh?! LOVE IT!)! I received a package yesterday of FOUR FUZZI BUNZ diapers! YAY! Again, blown away with gratitude...and now even MORE good news! The kind person who donated the diapers sent me an email today saying they want to donate TWENTY MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That means TWENTY FOUR diapers for Renee to use in Uganda! TWENTY FOUR! I am so, so thankful.
And now, for the last bit of news, and I really HAVE saved the best for last...
We MAY have an idea of where Abe and Aninda are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When I read this at Full Plate Mama's blog (fullplatemama.blogspot.com), I kind of went numb for a second. I thought I had misread it, or hadn't understood, or something. When I reread it, I got goosebumps all over my arms and tears in my eyes. I know it is too early to really believe they are safe and well, but I can't help praising God for His mercy, His goodness, and the way He knows everyone...each sparrow that falls from the sky is accounted for. Please continue to pray as the search continues for these two brothers, and as help continues for all of the children from Luckyhill. :)
So much for which to be thankful tonight. Thank you, all. :)

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gabi dickinson said...

No words.
Just tears.
And a heart of gratitude.