Thursday, April 15, 2010


Today, we went and bought the rest of the shirts AND went to the printer's! Still working everything out, so PLEASE be patient, if you have ordered a shirt and don't receive it right away. I have no clue how long it will take them to print the shirts, but know we will get them as quickly as possible! If you are wondering about an ETA, feel free to post or email me. :)
Shopping for shirts!
Bryttan and Taiger helped me pick out just the right ones for all of you! For those of you who ordered a WHITE shirt...they are SO MUCH BETTER than we thought they would be! I had assumed they would be "under shirt" quality, BUT NO! They are made out of GREAT fabric! They are soft and kind of stretchy a little, so they will lay so nicely. :) YAY!
So much love here!
For those of you who have NOT ordered a shirt, check these out! They are incredible and you will LOOOOOVE them! :D You can still order them, if you want one! We now also have ORANGE! It is so pretty! (If you ordered a different color and now want orange, let me know TONIGHT OR AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!) Anyway, they are only $20.00 and the purchase of one can help SOOOO many people! If you DO want to order one, you can pay via the paypal button on this very page! In the notes, please specify the color and size you would like. Be sure to also include your name, address AND email address so we can contact you! THANK YOU!
Taiger was helping us look for the perfect white shirts...when he suddenly came around the corner with one hanging from his curly hair! So silly!
Okay, last but NOT least...we have another product in the works. Shhhhh....don't tell! I haven't even told my Team Leaders yet! (Um, surprise??)
Here is Bryttan outside of the print shop!! Isn't she just the cutest?!
AND don't forget to check back in the next few days to learn more about the GIVE AWAY! So excited you just can't even stand it? I will give you a little heads up...Think of anyone you know who blogs. That's all I'm sayin'!
Of course, since he was SUCH a good boy while we were shopping, Taiger simply HAD to ride the escalator, and Bryttan was kind enough to escort him while I paid.
Okay! NOW for pictures of THE SHIRTS! Of course, they are NOT printed yet, but this gives you all an idea of the styles and colours we are doing!! Don't you just want to wear one RIGHT NOW?! I know I do!
Here are pictures of our oh-so-fashionable shirts! Please note that the FIRST orange one comes only in CHILD'S sizes! (Yes, you CAN buy child's size! We LOVE tiny supporters! :)!! )
So, the colours are, from left to right:
PLEASE NOTE: The LIGHT BROWN has a "V" neck! Also, the LIGHT BROWN is the NEW BROWN, and isn't nearly so snug as the original brown. These new browns are the ones we will be sending to EVERYONE who ordered "brown" on this next shipment. (Don't worry...they still fit nicely...they just fit like a shirt rather than a glove...Hooray for conservative dressing!:) )

Here is the CHILD'S DARK ORANGE for you to see a little closer. It is made of heavy cotton and felt really durable.


Michael & Bryttan said...

I LOVE this post :) I can't wait to get them finished so we can wear them around and support these kids and share what we know!!! Thank you SO much for doing this, you are so great. Thanks for the pictures too, they're way cute. Love you!!!!


I'm looking forward to the t's! This is a great idea!