Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I am so happy, excited and GRATEFUL!!!!!!! I spent time this afternoon sorting and organzing the donations that have come to Sixteen Small Stones over the past few weeks!! What a joyous and humbling experience. To have four boxes, labled for different Friend Homes, and PILES of donations to sort was like a dream come true. To work as the one who passes things from donors to people who need the donations is an amazing and spiritual place to be. I was in awe at the goodness of the people who donated, and in awe of the GOODNESS of mankind and GOD...God, who provides all, who loves all, and who has a perfect way and a perfect plan. I was amazed and SO THANKFUL for the NICE donations we received. My heart was bursting as I sorted them. Blankets, towels, toiletries, baby clothes (SO CUTE! hee hee), children's clothes, clothes for winter, clothes for summer, clothes for rain and clothes for shine. I cannot express how it felt and I wish all of you could have been there to see it all, and experience the joy and gratitude. As I made the rather difficult decision about which home would receive which item, I pictured the children who would be wearing the clothes. I HAD to in order to organize...picture them, their situation, their surroundings. Will this outfit be too warm? Too cold? How tall are the children there? Which house takes in babies? Which house cares for older children? But I also WANTED to! I thought of the children in China who are blind and would want clothes that are soft to the touch, easy to put on and take off, with some that are warm for the bitter winter cold, and some that are cool for the opressing heat of summer. I thought of the children in Renee's care, who are thin and ill so require petite, soft, warm clothes in the begining, but more sturdy and functional clothes once they return home. I thought of the children at Luckyhill, who have shelter, but not much else, and may need clothing that will keep them warm on the cool nights in the rainy season. I thought of the people in Haiti, who have neither clothing nor shelter. The mothers carrying babies and trying to keep them warm in the cool nights, and keep them cool in the blistering heat of the day. Mothers who always, always, always worry about their children's comfort and security and safety. I imagined the children who will wear these clothes, or find comfort and warmth in the blankets. It was a wonderful experience to think so deeply about each child who would bennifit from these donations. THANK YOU for your donations and support! :D Taiger "helped" me organize (in the way four year olds do...little help, but LOTS of HEART!) and seperate everything into the boxes.

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