Thursday, April 8, 2010

Barefoot In The Park...or the mall

Today is "One Day Without Shoes" day! I am going barefoot to show my love and concern for those around the globe who live daily without shoes. I think of little William (read older posts to hear about William) and the pain he endured because he didn't have shoes.
I am going to really put myself out there and admit something. I really struggle with feeling EMPATHY toward people without shoes. I haven't EXPERIENCED it. I feel sad about it, but it doesn't click in my mind...that feeling of going without shoes. I am so thankful that I could learn about William, and learn about the child soldiers who are forced to walk shoeless. I am so thankful for the things I have learned which help me SYMPATHIZE. But I still long for that feeling of EMPATHY. To feel my heart rip in two as if it were ME. I am praying that today, God will change my heart. That He will give me the EXPERIENCE to EMPATHIZE rather than just sympathize.
My sister is getting married, and today was the designated day to do a big "Shop for the wedding" excursion. Because I am THE MAID OF HONOR, I will be going with them on this event. And I will be going barefoot. I wrote on my feet, "I HAVE LOVE ON MY SOUL". Taiger's say, "Yo ho A PIRATE'S LIFE FOR ME". I try and teach him compassion, but at some point, I have to let him be himself, too. :)

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megan said...

you are a light in the world, breclyn! and taiger is so wonderfully funny... i just know that he and i would be best friends. for reals.