Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Art Print 1

Artist Roscoe Fink has donated this lovely painting to Sixteen Small Stones! For a donation of $1.00 (or more) we will email you the high resolution copy of this print for you to download! Perfect for desktop wallpaper! Use our paypal button in this page, and specify that your donation is for the purchase of Art 1. Please include your email address so we can send you your downloadable copy. See more of Roscoe Fink's art at www.roscoefink.deviantart.com REMEMBER: Because Sixteen Small Stones is a VOLUNTEER group, 100% of donated money goes to helping orphans and People In Crisis around the world. (Roscoe Fink DONATED this art for Sixteen Small Stones and will not be paid for his time or materials.) ABOUT THE PIECE OF ART AND THE ARTIST This picture was painted by the same artist who designed our logo, Roscoe Fink. He is an INCREDIBLE artist and works professionally as a pinstriper and concept artist. Roscoe Fink is notorious for painting for charity auctions and doing other not-for-profit work for people in need. We are lucky to have him as a resource for us! Yesterday, Roscoe Fink offered to paint a picture custom designed for Sixteen Small Stones! He so graciously VOLUNTEERED his time in doing this, and offered us the beautiful print FREE of charge as a fundraising initiative. His plans for this painting were for us to post a low resolution thumbnail size copy and sell a high resolution copy for download with the donation of one dollar (or more). He made this print so it would be usable as a desktop background for your computer. Fink loves the work Sixteen Small Stones does (he himself being a HUGE advocate against child slavery around the world), and wanted this picture to portray a child who Sixteen Small Stones is helping, thus the hopeful look and slight smile on the face of the boy in the picture. He hopes this piece of art will encourage those who donate to continue advocating for children in need around the world, and remind them of the great work they do as someone who helps Sixteen Small Stones.


The Hermyzoo! said...

I love the work you are doing BRECLYN! Keep going, your amazing. What a great print, what it stands for is even better!!!!

megan said...

wow, so beautiful! is it possible to use as a "button" type link on my blog to 16 small stones?