Saturday, March 27, 2010

Falling Whistles Part II

When I first tried to access the Falling Whistles website, I skipped the video. The other pages would not load. I tried again and again, each time skipping the video, with the same conundrum...if I didn't watch the video, the pages would not load. Finally, I sat and watched the video...a video that has changed my life in the 12 hours since I watched it. Each time I hear about someone helping orphans, I feel like my cup that was already full is added to, and I realize that cup wasn't full at all. I feel ignorant that "I didn't know about THAT" (whatever orphan situation THAT may be). I feel happy that there are people out there who DO know about "THAT". I feel an overwhelming excitement that I have found another place to help. My cup has more poured into it. In a government far from here, some rules were changed, and, for the time being, one of our Friend Homes is undergoing some changes. For now, SSS cannot work in the same way with this home. Since I found this out, my heart has been breaking. Over and over, again and again, every day. I think of families who have started adoptions, only to have that goal taken from them. I think of the children who were waiting for their families to come, who will never be brought home to that family. I think of the leaders of that home who worked so hard to keep the children safe and healthy. Why is this happening? I remind myself that GOD is in control. I remind myself that a loving Heavenly Father will not leave them orphaned...He will come to them. They may not be brought home to their families here on earth, but they are HIS CHILDREN, always and forever and ever. No government can take that away. So, I pray for the strength and the faith to turn the situation over to God and allow Him to fulfill His perfect plan. I wonder what SSS is to do now. We are, of course, still working with all of our other Friend Homes, but I feel like a piece of SSS is gone with this Home, I feel a loss, I feel a little empty. Financial donations have been low lately. Operation: Fuzzi Bunz is still trudging along, albeit slowly. And each day I pray. I pray for people to donate. I pray for a box of Fuzzi Bunz diapers to appear on my doorstep. And I pray to know what SSS is to do now, with the emptiness left in the absense of this Home. I heard about Falling Whistles. I could not get their site to load until I watched the video. What was God telling me? It may seem that I am being very eccentric to think God had anything to do with the website not loading. You are right. It is eccentric. I am eccentric, I guess, when it comes to my belief in Personal Revelation. I don't think it was coincidence that the website would not load. Watch the video. Watch the video. Watch the video. Hmm. Maybe I should just watch the video. Duh. My heart turned. More was added to my cup. After I watched the video, many of the pages still wouldn't load, but I felt it was for a purpose. By me returning again and again and again (and again) to that website, my interest increased ten-fold, and it stuck in my head much more than if I would have gone once, seen what it said and then left it. Maybe I would not have had the same desire to help if I hadn't been tested again and again. Isn't that how God teaches? By repetition? (Thank Heavens He doesn't only tell us things once, or I would be in a HEAP of trouble!) Is SSS supposed to help with Falling Whistles? Of course! To what extent, I don't know. That is not for me to know right now. What I am supposed to do is step into the darkness and allow God to lead me, to lead SSS. There is a reason I was lead to that website. There is a reason I needed to watch the video. There was a reason my heart needed to be changed. Maybe for no other reason than to tell everyone I could about the plight of Falling Whistles and of the little children in the Congo blowing those whistles for their lives. And so that is what I will continue to do. PLEASE go to and WATCH THE VIDEO. Then, read my previous post, which tells the story of the Falling Whistles. Please join me in praying for precious children of God who are sent to blow the whistles. Please pray for Falling Whistles that they can be successful in helping the "least of these".

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