Friday, March 5, 2010

OPERATION: Warm Blankets

Before you read this post, please check out the blog Read the post one prior to the most recent, then read the most recent. Thank you! For children who are so deprived of nourishment, life can be miserable. Aside from the health side effects, such as heart problems, dizziness, confusion, dry skin and lips, dehydration, hair loss, low bone density, and many other side effects, malnourished children can also experience body aches, and even gentile touch can be quite painful. Also, the body's core temperature drops and the child can become very cold.
From here in America, we cannot provide for the child's nourishment. BUT we still want to help! So...Sixteen Small Stones is launching Operation: Warm Blankets. Blankets can warm a child cold from hunger. The softness of a cozy blanket can soothe the body of a child aching from starvation. We are collecting blankets to send to the children cared for by Serving His Children. In a time of pain and fear, a warm, snugly blanket may bring comfort to these precious children. There are two ways you can help with Operation: Warm Blankets: 1.) You can sponsor a blanket by paying $10.00 using the paypal button on this blog (In the notes section, please put Operation: Warm Blankets so the money goes toward the right operation!) 2.) You can make or buy a blanket to send to the address at the left of this page If TEN blankets are collected: We will send them to Serving His Children and the blankets will be left at Beth's home to be used on the beds slept in by the children who come in to her nutrition program. (She is set up to care for ten children at a time. Once a child is healthy, he/she is sent home with his/her family. The blankets will stay at her home and be used again and again as new children come and leave her program.) If ONE HUNDRED blankets are collected: We will send them to Serving His Children and ten of the blankets will remain at her home and the rest will go home with children who have completed her program. If MORE THAN ONE HUNDRED blankets are collected: Ten blankets will be sent to Serving His Children to remain at Beth's home and used for children in her program, ninety will be used to send home with children who have completed the nutrition program with Beth, and the rest will be distributed to our partner orphanages in Haiti, Ghana, China and Uganda. Once each of those children has a blanket, we will send the rest to Beth to use in the future as more patients come to her program. As you can see, there will be NO such thing as "too many blankets", and I would like this to be an ongoing project, like Operation: 100 FAMILIES. Sixteen Small Stones would like to THANK YOU for your continued support and love. These children NEED it! As always, please remember even the smallest donation dollar, one blanket...whatever you can do! No amount is too small. ANY contributions is noticed and VERY appreciated! Some ideas for making simple blankets and for collecting blankets to donate: * Collect or purchase pieces of fleece, which can be cut to size and used as blankets. No sewing required as fleece doesn't fray. * Sew two pieces of flannel together
* Buy one of the fleece blankets sold at the grocery store and donate it * Ask members of your church to participate in a church blanket drive * Ask friends to donate blankets * Post a blanket drive on your facebook or blog and have blankets sent to you or directly to Sixteen Small Stones * Hand out fliers for blanket donations at you or your child's school stating on a specific day you will collect the blankets at the school **BE SURE AND TAKE PICTURES AS YOU MAKE OR COLLECT BLANKETS! If you want, send them to use and we will post them on our blog and/or website! (PLEASE specify if you DO NOT want pictures made public!)**

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