Sunday, March 7, 2010

LRA Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act

I wish I were more eloquent. I wish I could write my feelings in a way that moved people. I wish I could convey the emotions I feel through words. But I can't. When I feel strongly about something, it is almost impossible for me to write about it because it comes across all a mess (to which anyone who follows this blog can testify). So, I pray that, despite my clumsy words and my inability to express REALLY how I feel, you will be moved, and maybe even moved to action. Something about which I feel REALLY strongly is the presence of child soldiers in Africa. This breaks my heart. The stories, no, the TRUTHS of the lives of these children are horrific. They are unimaginable. Exile International is an organization whose blog I follow. The woman, Beth, works closely with the child soldiers in Africa. She tells their stories on her blog. Horrible, devastating stories. The children are forced to kill their own families; to murder; to rape; to kidnap. The stories are simply unbearable to read. The Lords Resistance Army Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act is a bill that ensures that America will take a stronger stand against the atrocities happening in Uganda, and will assist in promoting peace between the warring groups.

This bill has been passed by every US Senator, save one. Senator Dr. Coburn is the only senator who has said NO to passing this bill. His reason? The help requested in this bill is "too expensive".

What is the worth of a life?

What is the worth of freedom? What is the worth of joy? Who is he to say how much is TOO MUCH to spend on saving lives? Representatives of Exile International and other groups are taking a stand! They are camping out outside of Dr. Coburn's office until he agrees to meet with them for 20 minutes to explain his stand and to state his case as to why he will not allow the bill to pass. Also, many people are participating in a MERCY FAST, which will continue until an agreement is made with Dr. Coburn. Sixteen Small Stones is standing boldly with Exile International and others to pursued Dr. Coburn to allow this bill to pass!

Please learn more and decide how YOU will take a stand!

One very good documentary about the frightening events happening in Africa is, "War Dance". (This movie is available for Instant Play on Netflix)

Click on these links to learn more!: **Link to the presentation of the bill: **To read more about the Mercy Fast and the LRA Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act, click this link: **Video link of Beth and the news coverage of the people outside of Dr. Coburn's office:

**Link to Exile International's blog to read stories of child soldiers:

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