Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Update and Pictures! (And who doesn't LOVE pictures?!)

Sixteen Small Stones is working really hard to collect Fuzzi Bunz diapers. We have not had ANY donations of diapers yet, but I am not giving up! It is just time to get CREATIVE! If you have ANY suggestions on WHO we should be reaching out to, HOW we could more effectively reach out, etc., I would appreciate ANY and ALL advice or suggestions!
Along with collecting diapers, we are also collecting CLOTHING! For this, we have had GREAT responce! Our goal is to collect enough clothing to send some to ALL of our partners! We have TWO homes in Uganda, one in Beijing, one in Ghana and one (maybe two) in Haiti! That means we need a TON of clothes! So, if you have ANY, please send them our way! It doesn't matter if they are used, as long as they are in working condition. We need clothes from newborn to adult, male and female, clothes for cold weather and for warm! So I really am serious when I say send ANYTHING! It will ALL be used! :D
We are still hedging toward Operation: Warm Blankets. We have already had some donations for that project and will hit it full force once we get the diapers we need...diapers really are the greatest need right now!
In the near future, we are going to be doing a medical supplies operation, so keep that in mind as the cold and flu season winds down. If you are cleaning out cupboards and have extras of ANY kind of midicine or medical supplies, send them to us or hang on to them until this operation is in full swing!
Remember: ANY items can be mailed OR dropped off in person! Monetary donations can be mailed OR donated right online on paypal! (We have a paypal button on our blog, sixteensmallstones.blogspot.com, and ANY tiny donations is HUGELY appreciated!!!!! )
I really, really want to thank EVERYONE for their help and prayers for Sixteen Small Stones! The emails and comments and encouraging words I receive regarding Sixteen Small Stones really gives me the courage to move forward with all of this. Sometimes, the projects seem so overwhelming! But I KNOW that God has a plan for His children and that He will not leave them without when we have SO MUCH to give! Thank you so much to you all! Breclyn

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