Thursday, March 25, 2010


We want to thank one Roscoe Fink for his time in creating this NEW, SIXTEEN SMALL STONES LOGO! It is with great excitement that we introduce you to it for the first time! Look for it all over the internet and around the WORLD in the coming months! :D Now that we have an official logo, we have started an official facebook page! We are trying to get SIX HUNDRED members on our FACEBOOK PAGE TODAY! PLEASE JOIN! Please invite ALL of your friends to join! Search on facebook for Sixteen Small Stones. Watch for our NEW logo as the profile picture!


B-Blogit said...

This logo is off the hook yo! I love it, it is brilliant and very symbolic in relation to the work you do and to the name! AWESOME! Oh I love it!

The meaning of the name of the organization and then the darkness of the main part of the logo except the words and the person and stones. Just perfect!!

Small Stones said...

Thank you, Blake! I came up with the idea, Michael said maybe have a child picking up a rock, and last night my brother and I worked on it. I made him change things over and over, poor guy! Different font, italics, all of these things...I am a perfectionist and I had it in my mind how it should look. To tell you the truth, in the end it was WAY cooler than I had imagined! :D Thank you for saying it looks good! :D :D