Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fasting for The LRA Disarmament Recovery Act to Pass

This is a post from the Exile International blog. PLEASE read all of it. To learn more, you can click on the link to their blog to the left of this screen. Will you join us in a fast? Sixteen Small Stones is sensitive about the fact that some cannot fast from food (they may be pregnant, ill, have an Eating Disorder, etc.) and want to remind you that fasting does not need to mean you go without food. You can "fast" from your favorite book, the internet, listing to the radio, watching tv, etc. We are not encouraging you to do anything that would be hurtful or harmful to you. Thank you. TO LEARN MORE ON HOW TO HELP AND THE LATEST ON THE LRA DISARMAMENT AND NORTHERN UGANDA RECOVERY ACT CLICK HERE: www.coburnsayyes.com and here www.resolveuganda.org/news.com ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ .MERCY.FAST. Why are we fasting? On eXile's last trip to Village of Hope Uganda orphanage in January of 2010, we asked the children who were formerly abducted by the LRA and former child soldiers to draw their heartaches and their hopes on handkerchiefs during a time of art therapy. Dennis was one of the first ones to share his story. The first one to share his tears. This was part of it ".....the rebels came and kicked in the door...they abducted my parents....they cut my brother and killed him in pieces....my brothers and sisters ran into the bush with nothing to cover ourselves and we had nothing to eat...we continued to run and the rebels continued to come....We fasted for God to have M E R C Y on us. As we were fasting, we managed to escape........ When we came back, we continued to fast for God's deliverance. I thank God that we were saved. I thank God for that...." In the bush, naked, after loosing their parents and their brother to the atrocities of the LRA - they fasted. They fasted from food they did not have. For MERCY. And so do we. Senator Coburn, These children cannot come to you with their stories. But we can. We cannot release the hold on this bill. Only you have the power to do that. For Gloria, Norbert, Barbara, Norman, Scovia, Fida,Dennis and the 30,000 children who have been abducted by the LRA - we ask you to have mercy. We will be fasting and praying for God to soften your heart. And find a way. Most of us will be fasting until you release your hold. 23 years is long enough. For those who want to join: please email info@exileinternational.org If Dennis can fast from food he does not have at the age of 11 - we can fast from food we do have in his honor. In prayer for Senator Coburn. eXile international Those currently participating: Bethany P. Haley Peggy Cox Kathryn Campbell Breclyn Everett What else can I do? (1) EMAIL SENATOR COBURN'S OFFICE HERE:www.coburn.senate.gov/public/index.cfm?FuseAction=ContactSenatorCoburn.home choose "Foreign Affairs"(COPY AND PASTE THE INFO BELOW IF YOU WOULD LIKE, BUT PERSONALIZE IT IF YOU CAN)(2) CALL SENATOR COBURN'S OFFICE AT (202) 224 - 5754. No need to be fearful. He is in the position that he's in for this very reason. That is democracy. Be a part of it!!What do you say? "This is (YOUR NAME) and I am calling to ask Senator Coburn to release his hold on the LRA Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act. I believe the children are worth it" (3) SIGN THIS PETITION: at www.coburnsayyes.com under "take action" (4) IF YOU KNOW SOMEONE IN OKLAHOMA - SPECIFICALLY A CHURCH OR MINISTER - please pass this information alone. we need Oklahoma to take a STAND.

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