Saturday, March 20, 2010


So many people have come forward to help with Operation: Fuzzi Bunz! We have had people post our link of their own blogs and facebook profiles. I have had people make announcements about this operation in Church and offer advice on more ways to spread the word and collect diapers. Unfortunately, we have not had any donations yet. HOWEVER, we are full of faith and hope that this operation will soon come to fruition. I would like to thank EVERYONE who has helped in ANY way with this operation! Your efforts are felt and so very appreciated. I also wanted to post that we are ENHANCING this operation! This is really exciting because it is offering us a lot of different ways to help! Along with sending diapers, we are also sending donations of CLOTHING! We have had a great response with this, and I am really excited to have the donations start coming in and to start organizing clothes and sending them out! That is my favorite part of doing all of this...organzing donations and sending them out. :) We work and pray that the donations will come and things start coming and I worry and stress it won't be enough...then, I pull out all we have and start organizing and I see the miracles! The Lord truely is aware of our efforts and always makes sure we have enough. It is wonderful and exciting to see. I have faith that Operation: Fuzzi Bunz will be the same way. That, although it has started out slowly, people's hearts will be softened and the right people will be prompted to donate clothes and diapers, and that things will work out well. And just to put a little bug in your ear, we may soon be collecting medical supplies...but keep it a secret...shhhh! ;) I am sorry that this post is so discombobulated. I just feel overwhelmingly excited about this operation and I wanted to put that enthousiasm out there. I feel that things are going to work out well. I also wanted to make SURE that everyone knows we are taking clothing donations! (This is REALLY exciting for me, as it gives me something good to do with the clothes my son has out-grown!!) So, please continue to spread the word, to continue to pray, and please consider if there is ANYTHING you can donate (clothes, money, diapers...ANYTHING!). Thank you!!

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