Friday, January 22, 2010

SSS: Considering Travel to Haiti

Okay, someone is putting together a team to go help at what we will call our "friend orphanage in Haiti" (because the orphanage's "real" name is French and there is no way I will remember how to spell it!). We are working on sending SOMEONE from Sixteen Small Stones to Haiti to help at the orphanage! We have some DEAR friends who are going, and we would like to get one of us on the plane with them. If you want to help pay for this trip, please specify in your paypal donation. This is a marvelous opportunity for Sixteen Small Stones to help in Haiti! God works miracles in our lives, if we are open to His promptings. I want to be the one to go from SSS, but it may be someone else who doesn't have a little child at home who needs them. :) Either way, I am praying that, if it be God's will, we can send one of our SSS team members to Haiti! When a crisis like this takes place, it brings out the best and worst and most apathetic in people. Which side will it bring out in you?

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