Monday, January 25, 2010

NEW BLOG for Haiti and a NEW MEMBER to Sixteen Small Stones!

After years, I am back in touch with another good friend of mine (THANK YOU, FACEBOOK!). Right off, he wanted to help with Sixteen Small Stones. When I told him about the orphanage in Haiti who we are helping he was so excited! He has done websites before and had many suggestions for how to improve their existing website. However, he had the insight to realize that, under the circumstances, it was completely impossible for the orphanage director to make changes to the website any time soon, and it would be heartless and inconceivable for us to even mention it to him at this time. So, what did my friend do? He stayed up until almost THREE IN THE MORNING translating the original website from French into English, and setting up an AMAZING blog for the orphanage! It includes information about the orphanage as well as ways to donate! So, PLEASE check out this beautiful blog and learn more about this orphanage!! Visit We are also working right now on starting a new (ENGLISH) website for the orphanage. We will keep you posted. Along the same vein, something else REALLY exciting happened this week! One of my BEST friends, Megan, has joined the Sixteen Small Stones team! I am SO excited to have her on board with us! I was nervous to ask her to be part of SSS, but she never hesitated in saying yes. Megan has a heart for orphans. She and her husband are in the process of adopting from China. In my life, I have had the rare and life-changing experience of finding my kindred spirit...that is Megan. She and I had not talked in almost 11 years, and as soon as we found each other again, it was as if not a second had passed since our last meeting. She is so dear to me, and I am so happy she is my friend. Megan has a vivacious spirit! She is outgoing, fun and always positive! She is loving and accepting of everyone, and always makes people feel their best when she is around them. She has a strong spirit and is so close to God and Jesus Christ. Megan has been an example to me since the day I met her. She has taught me so much about how to be brave, how to be happy, and how to love others wish reckless abandon. I am so, so thankful she had joined our team! I know she will bring so much to Sixteen Small Stones!!


B-Blogit said...

Well when you find a need like that you feel compelled to help, at least I was.

Glad to help out! Anything else I can do let me know!

megan said...

brec, i love you... and you have the biggest heart of anyone i know. thank God for sixteen small stones, and thank God for you!!!