Thursday, January 21, 2010

HAITI: Do I stay or DO I GO?!?!?!?

My Mom has offered to tend Taiger so I can go get my hands in some service in Haiti. I believe EVERY LITTLE HAND HELPS. But where I am not going with an organization, would I be able to help, REALLY?! I am going to spend today praying about it and seeing what info I can find...But I really would LOVE any input you guys have about this. Do you know anyone down there? What do they say? I am sometimes so eager to HELP, I forget about the logistics! Any advice or suggestions?


Shannon Watson said...

Just my two cents, but not sure they're worth that much. :) I think the greatest need right now is for skilled medical professionals and that sort. I don't know you enough to know if you have nursing/EMT/etc. qualifications. I don't think they have a lack of willing volunteers - just a lack of ways to get those volunteers to where they can be used. My suggestion would be to wait until they are at a point where some kind of transportation has been restored and you can go help rebuild, after the world's attention has been distracted by another tragedy but while Haiti will still be needing you - Habitat for Humanity or any host of other organizations will put you to best use. :)

Small Stones said...

Thanks, Shannon! I appreciate your advice! I think we have found an orphanage for Sixteen Small Stones to help, either with donations or otherwise. A group may be going there soon to help, but I think I will wait until we can focus on that orphanage with whom we already have established connections before I go over. No sense wandering aimless in the chaos and only causing MORE confusion. What do you think?