Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Karamajong Necklace

I wrote a post on my other blog that really should have been posted here, too. Because I cannot copy and paste, and because I don't have time right now to rewrite it, I am asking that, if you are interested, you all visit my other blog,, and read the most recent blog post. It is about my necklace from 147 Million Orphans! IT CAME! Happy Day! :D REMEMBER: For the next 4 weeks, 50% all profit made by 147 Million Orphans will be sent to an orphanage in Haiti! Get get some cool gear while helping orphans in Haiti! :D (AGK! And now my computer won't let me add a picture! Blah. Technology and I never agree. You'll have to see pictures of the necklace at my other blog, too. Sorry!)

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