Wednesday, January 27, 2010


SO MANY MIRACLES!!!!! It has been a very difficult couple of weeks. A dear, dear family who was adopting from Lucky Hill suffered a great loss last week. They had completed the adoption of their dear son, Seth, from Lucky Hill and have been waiting for months for his passport to arrive. Last Monday night/Tuesday morning, sweet Seth passed away. It was a terrible loss that shook everyone with any connections to Lucky Hill. Many tears were shed, and prayers sent up to our Father in Heaven for this sweet family. Seth will be greatly missed. However, out of this tragedy, his family found hope and strength. To read more about them, please visit my other blog, Even in their suffering, their hearts were open and soft. Not a bit of anger did they express, nor resentment. Did they feel sorrow? Of course. Depression? I can only imagine. But numb anger or resentment? Never. Out of the ashes of their pain, they have helped other families, who took the loss very hard, realize that Seth is part of their family for eternity, and that all things are done according to the will of a just and loving Father in Heaven. This family has begun work on a library, in honor of their dear Seth. It will be built at Lucky Hill and will accommodate everyone in the surrounding area of Lucky Hill! This is a HUGE blessing to the people of that region. So many lives will be touched because of the generosity and love of this family. Thank you, W. Family, for teaching us through your strength in your trials. Sixteen Small Stones has decided to donate as much as we can to Seth's Memorial Library. We wish to honor Seth, to help enrich the lives of those still in Ghana, and to show our support for Seth's family. Please join us by donating any amount to our paypal account with a note stating the donation is to go toward Seth's Library. THANK YOU! Today, I was able to open a bank account for Sixteen Small Stones! Praise the Lord! This has been something I have not been able to do, with school, work and being a Mom. My Mom took my son to Idaho with her today to visit family, and I was able to accomplish this task! We can now accept donations via cash, check, or deposit directly into our account. This is a HUGE blessing! Another wonderful and amazing thing happened today! My sister's fiance, Michael, has joined our Sixteen Small Stones team! He is an amazing young man (boy, do I feel old calling him a "young man"! HA HA!). Michael has a heart for service. He is caring and kind, gentile and loving. He has served so many in his life, and always does so without hesitation. He gives and gives to others and never expects anything in return. He loves everyone and accepts everyone, no matter who they are or what weaknesses they may have. He sees the good in every situation, and makes the best of everything. Micheal has worked for a web design firm for years and excels in his business. He has designed many beautiful websites, and we have the fortune now of having him on our team! Micheal has so graciously offered to build Sixteen Small Stones a website, as well as help us improve our blog (can't wait for that! LOL!). With his extensive knowledge of the Internet, he is also going to help our blog and website be more easily found online. We are so blessed to have Michael as part of our team! I can't wait to have him to work side by side with us as we reach out to those who need our help!! As you can see, the last two weeks have been full of miracles! It is exciting, but not all together surprising. When doing the Lord's work, NOTHING is impossible. It has been fun and humbling to watch as, in HIS time, all the pieces come together and things fall into place. I am thankful to be on this wonderful journey, and am glad to have so many wonderful members and blog followers with whom to experience this journey!! Thank you all!!!!!

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