Sunday, January 17, 2010

Christ's Love and Haiti

SO MUCH has been happening...SO MUCH GOOD! Sixteen Small Stones is slowly but steadily moving to the next plane. I have wanted to post and write ALL about the amazing things happening with and for SSS! However, right now, there is something more urgent to be said.
Have you been keeping up with the news coming out of Haiti? Over seventy thousand found dead. If you have ever lost someone, if you have ever been hurt, or afraid, if you have ever been left homeless, then you can identify with one of those people. That is a blessing to be able to identify with someone hurting. You can offer then support and can plead to God on their behalf in a way the rest of us can't.
On the other side of that, do you remember the pain that went up from your heart when went through that hard trial? Now, multiply that pain by 70 thousand, and you can identify with each mother who lost her child. Multiply that by, maybe, 4 and you can identify that with the pain going out from each family of children who lost their parent. Do you see where I am heading? The pain and suffering being experienced in Haiti right now is unfathomable. Children left without parents, parents without children. Husbands who have lost their wives, and vice virsa. Friends who have lost friends. People have been left with no belongings (you have to admit how important they are, too...think if you lost your scrapbooks? Your journals? Think if your child lost her favorite stuffed animal or blanket. Think if you were left with no clothes, but those on your warm coat, no clean underwear. What if your little boy were sleeping in a short sleeved shirt and shorts and now is cold? There is no where to go BUY him clothes, there are no blankets, no jackets.) People are trapped under rubble. Many people have undergone amputations from being trapped under debris. People have lost parts of their limbs, have lost family members, friends, homes, money, belongings.
But I fear at this time there are many people who have lost hope.
Today, I gave a quick lesson in church on the love of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Jesus' love for us is enormous! Sometimes, we describe it like that sun...but that is just because it is something we can see and something that is magnificent and huge to us. But, in reality, it pails...PAILS in comparison to the enormity and power of the Love CHRIST has for each and every one of us. it is hard for us to comprehend, but we MUST try! It is IMPERATIVE that we feel the LOVE Christ has for us! Because it is in that love that we find HOPE. I pray that we will ALL feel the love of Christ, so that in our darkest hours, we can find HOPE.
Right now, I pray that the people of Haiti will feel of Christ's love for them, so that they, too, may find hope in this nightmare in which they currently find themselves. Out of the chaos and death, the pain and fear, peace can be can be found...HOPE can be found, all through the LOVE OF CHRIST!!
This is a call to help, too. By sending donations and items to Haiti, we are providing the people with the necessities of life...things they NEED NOW! But we are doing something more. We are showing them the Love of Christ! We are showing them that there is someone listening to their prayers, and responding by sending US to help them. Let us love them as Christ would! Let us cover that nation with our love and prayers. Also, let us SHOW THEM that CHRIST LOVES THEM by sending them love and prayers and donations, so they can see that Christ loves them and is listening to them, so that they may find HOPE in that love.
I am sorry this is so discombobulated!

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