Friday, April 3, 2009

My Life As A Puzzle

Sometimes, my life is like a jig saw puzzle with a million pieces. I sit completely confused and distraught trying to visualize how the pieces will fit together. I get all in a frenzy and start trying to cram pieces together that I think SHOULD go together. The corners get bent and the picture peels up on the side. I shuffle the shapes around and turn a piece over and over. I wonder how on earth it is going to fit ("All of these pieces are blue...except this one white one!") I try and look at all the pieces and guess the picture, then try and force the pieces to make the picture("All the pieces are kind of blue, so this must be a puzzle of the ocean!" I start cramming together the pieces that look like, if placed together, they may make a wave.) Finally, in my greatest frustration, I toss the pieces and bury my head in my arms. I may even cry because I am so confused and can't make the ocean picture. That is when God comes to my side, takes apart all of the pieces I have put together wrongly. Jesus smooths the broken edges. The Holy Ghost reassures me. Together, Jesus and Heavenly Father put the pieces all together. They make it work. They see how the pieces fit. They make the picture of the sky.

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