Saturday, April 11, 2009


I just read about a family who is adopting an older child from China...WOO HOO! LOVE these stories! I love hearing about ANY adoption, really! However, "older child" adoptions hold a special place in my heart. Not only because we adopted BeQin when she was 13, but also because I KNOW what happens to the ones who don't get adopted, and what a difficult life they face. Maybe someday I will do a post about that...breaks my heart... Anyway, I feel TOTALLY ungrateful right now. Do you ever suddenly realize AGAIN how BLESSED you are? Or do you ever complain about something and, like, 10 seconds later you think, "Are you kidding me? You were upset over THAT?!" Or maybe you think life is tossing you lemon after lemon, and then you hear someone else's trials and feel like a JERK for thinking you had it hard? Yeah, something like that happened to me. Now I am sitting here feeling like a JERK, and feeling like a pampered snob who is not grateful for what she has. So...I was going to list on here EVERYTHING for which I am grateful...and then realized it would be such a long post I may run out of memory (yes...on the internet...THAT is how much I have to be grateful for...MORE than the infinite memory of the INTERNET can hold!). Instead, I wanted to just post a picture of one thing that sums up the beauty and wonder of my blessed, fortunate, amazing life. However, EVERY picture of Taiger shows I couldn't decide which one!! I have so much...everything I could ever want, really. Not only in material things, but in the things that really matter...a loving family, a stable life, religion and GOD, the knowledge of The Atonement of Jesus Christ, the constant companionship of The Holy Ghost. I know of the Plan of Salvation! I know my life has PURPOSE and MEANING! I know that my family will be together FOREVER...yes, for ETERNITY. So many people out there don't know of these things (IF YOU DON'T, TALK TO ME! I will do WHATEVER I have to do to show you these things I know that bring me so much JOY and PEACE! PLEASE don't live without these things in your life! PLEASE!!!!!!) You know, I don't have to worry about land mines, bombs, war, famine, pestilence...I don't have to worry if I will have fresh water. I don't have to worry about how I will care for my child. There is so much to be grateful for. I can't even STAND it, so grateful am I. I NEVER want to be ungrateful. Okay, it is frustrating me SO MUCH that I cannot express my gratitude. So, I am ending this discombobulated post. I don't have the words to adequately express myself, nor the grace to eloquently express myself. So I will say nothing more...except THANK YOU.

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