Monday, April 20, 2009

Getting Organized!!

I have been really thrilled at the number of people who have come forward to help little William. It warms my heart. We live in a world full of hate and war and despair, but we also live in a world of love and peace and hope...a world created by a magnificent God, and a loving Jesus Christ. I am humbled by the good works in action on William's behalf. It is amazing the love that is present, if we just take time to look for it and feel it. There IS something that has really frustrated me about this situation with William. I have realized how MUCH Small Stones could be doing NOW...HERE! If I had had my NGO status, been organized, etc., Small Stones, as a group, could have really stepped up and helped get the supplies William needs. Still now, with all the donation, etc., SO MUCH is needed that has not yet been supplied. It aggravates me to know that if I had had Small Stones better organized more could be being done for William, and to help Becky as she is preparing to leave. We went to Idaho to visit my family there this weekend, and while I was there my wonderful, amazing cousin stopped by to say HI. We got to talking, and she has served in the Philippines doing volunteer work, helping build houses, distributing medication, etc. for the less-fortunate there. AMAZING! Anyway, she really expressed an interest in helping Small Stones, and just talking to her re-motivated me. Between talking with Katie and seeing this desperate situation with William, my eyes were opened this week as to what I should be doing with Small Stones. I was so devastated when I couldn't go to the orphanage in Africa to serve there. I was completely floored when China fell through for this year. I thought I would be "waiting out" my time, spending this year getting paperwork done and, well, not DOING much with Small Stones. Well, that has ALL changed! I spent my three hour drive home today from Idaho thinking about this, and I have decided to kick Small Stones into ACTION, NOW!! We are going to do "projects" to help others. For instance, helping William would have been a project. I think what I will do is select a "short term" project and a "long term" project. For my LONG TERM PROJECT, I feel Small Stones should sponsor a child from the Amazima programme (if you are unfamiliar with Amazima...picture me YELLING at you for not checking out Katie's blog!...and then go read Click on her badge to learn about her programme, read her blog to learn more about the day-to-day things she is doing). I will have to think about a SHORT TERM PROJECT...William would be a good "project", but I will have to ask Becky what she thinks. Okay, so I need to set some goals here (don't you LOVE how I have not thought ahead AT ALL here and am just blogging as thoughts come to mind...HA!!!! Sorry!) 1.) Set up a Small Stones "team". There is NO WAY I should be doing this alone! Not because I can't, but because I SHOULDN'T! Great ideas come from GROUPS! NOT just ONE person! So, if anyone out there wants to be on the Small Stones team, SPEAK UP! 2.) Get the word out! Small Stones is NOT all. I need to go public! I will need YOUR help with this! TELL EVERYONE you know about Small Stones! Give them this blog to read. Hm...a website would be good about now. Anyone out there know anything about making a website?! 3.) Create an online newsletter. That is the best way to let people know about the projects we are doing (don't you love how I say "we" like there are already more people than just ME doing this?! In my mind, HUNDREDS of people read this blog and are just WAITING for the right time to comment! HA HA!) 4.) Start the process NOW of becoming an NGO/Non Profit organization. (But I think I should NOT wait for that to start with the other you agree??) I think those are four good starting points, don't you?! Okay, people, I need some feedback! comments, let me know what you think! Thanks!

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Kay Bratt said...

Hope and Motivation is all you need to make a huge difference. Way to keep on track.