Tuesday, April 28, 2009

SO EXCITED! Becky and Renee and Sixteen Small Stones

SO EXCITED!!!!!! First of all, Becky (the sweet woman who is going to help William) has left for Ghana! The BEST news is that she left with SIX MONTHS worth of supplies to help William heal! WOOO HOOOO! I was SO THANKFUL for that! Her goal had been to have 3 months worth of supplies. To double that was a miracle. Really. In these very difficult ecinomic times...I really didn't know who, if anyone, would help! However, SO MANY people stepped forward! Some people donated as little as $5.00, handing the money to Becky with tears in their eyes. She knew it was all they had. EVERYONE who donated, gave all they could, and I am so, so thankful to everyone who sacrificed on behalf of William and Patience. Thank you all! The other exciting news is that I heard back from Renee! In case you don't know, she is the WONDERFUL young woman whose blog I follow. You can link to her blog from my blog list. Hers is titled, "Be Hands And Feet". She is serving much the same way Katie is...in fact, I found out those two are dear friends, and Renee is going to run Katie's home while Katie is in America this summer! Anyway, Renee was able to offer me a lot of advice on how to begin getting Sixteen Small Stones NGO status. The first thing Renee said I must do is establish a board of people for SS. She recomended 5-10 people who have a passion for the work I want to do. Already the task of making Small Stones an NGO looks daunting, if not impossible. I hardly KNOW 5 people, let alone 5 who don't think I am crazy for wanting to serve His children this way, and further more, 5 who would want to join and support me as Small Stones serves. Everyone in my family thinks I am crazy, not to mention they don't have the time to do something like Small Stones. And to be very, unabashedly honest here...I don't have many friends. No, really...I don't. I mean, people I care about and stay in touch with, yes, I have a few. But people I actually SEE and "hang out" with...just one or two. Anyway, the point is, I have no one to ask to be on my board! Well, I have complete FAITH...REALLY...that God will provide me with people to have on my board. God has lead my footsteps ENTIRELY on this journy to Small Stones, and I know He will find people to serve with me. SO....if anyone reading this (you know where this is going!) wants to sit on the board for Sixteen Small Stones...comment here, and I can contact you...and YOU could be the first board member for Sixteen Small Stones! Exciting, right?? HA HA!

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