Saturday, April 4, 2009

Explanation and a BIG THANK YOU to EVERYONE!

Some people following this blog have asked for more to be posted about my family. I actually only use this blog to write about Small Stones and Taiger's and my work in "saving the world" (as some people have described what I want to do! HA!), and also to blog about my deepest feelings about Jesus and God, who are the real directors of my life and of Small Stones. If anyone is interested in my family and our daily lives, check out my other blog: I update it regularly and plaster it with pictures of Taiger (I am a WAY proud mama! LOL!). Thank you to everyone who has supported me in my decissions to leave this life of greed and "self-centeredness" and live for Taiger and The Godhead, to serve everyone I can, anywhere I can (Africa, China...who knows anymore where I may end up! LOL! All I know is GOD knows! :D!) Thanks for reading this blog and loving Taiger and me! Breclyn

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