Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The rumor is true

It's true, ya'll.
My sweet husband and I are having a Valentine Party at our house, Friday night at 6. No Beer bongs, or strip poker, sorry. Just yummy food, games, and Valentine making!!
Are we a little crazy? Little is an understatement.
Are we thinking to ourselves, how on earth do you entertain this many people and in such small quarters? Yes we are.
Have we thought about the fact that maybe only two random strangers will show up and will will be sitting on the couch listening to one another munch potato chips all night? You betchya!
Have we considered the fact that quite possibly no one will show up, and we will have to eat all of the food on our own. And become fat. And sick. And get carpal tunnel from making so many Valentines on our own? I think it's safe to say that we have.
So this is why we need all of everyone to come and make valentines and just have a good time!
If all turns out we will have a very full house. We have no idea what we're doing. Did we really invite a whole bunch of people + their friends to our house? Yes we did. And it's all for Operation: LOVE.
So if you're in Salt Lake on Friday the 10th. PLEASE come over to our house and donate/make some Valentines for Operation: LOVE.
We would love to see you here!

Bryttan & Mike


Bryttan said...

chocolate chip waffles

Small Stones said...

WISH I could be there :( But I will be holding down the fort ALONE (because Bryttan is nice enough to host this party for all the Utah-folks) here at Shelley Broulims that same night. It will be a big night for OPERATION: LOVE! YAY!