Friday, February 3, 2012


I know your FAVOURITE part of our projects is seeing the picture that is to be the logo for the project, right? (...RIGHT?!) I thought so. Well, this year is our FIRST YEAR to be including KINGS CHILDREN'S HOME in BELIZE in OPERATION: LOVE!!!!! How exciting is that?! They are an AMAZING home and they take in orphans AS WELL AS ANYONE who is in need. Talk about ultimate service!!!!!! We are SO EXCITED to be able to support their home in this way, and to send lots of love to the darling kids who are staying at the home! Since starting work with a new home is a HUGE deal, we decided to use a picture from King's Children's Home as our logo for this year's OPERATION: LOVE! Bryttan Everett (took pity on us all and) made the logo this year (and you can tell she is MUCH more artistic than I am! Remember the sad logo for OPERATION: LOVE 2010? Sad, sad day.). So, without further ado, here is the official unveiling of the logo for OPERATION: LOVE 2012! THANK YOU, BRYTTAN and King's Children's Home!

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