Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pillow Talk

I know you are all going CRAZY wanting to hear how our OPERATION: LOVE events went (right? Right?). Well, you are going to have to wait just a tincy bit longer, because I have something important to say! So, do you have more pillowcases than you even know what to do with? Are they folded, rolled and shoved in to the linen closet, collecting dust? For your wedding, did Aunt Sunny Sky give you hippy pillowcases you will never use?
Did your mom give you SpongBob pillowcases for your 30th birthday? (Awwww, sad.)
Well! Do I have GOOD NEWS FOR YOU!
Sixteen Small Stones is collecting pillowcases! Yes! I am serious!
No more wondering what to do with those useless pillowcases. We are here to save your day!
(Aren't you so thankful?! You always KNEW there was a reason you were following this blog! HA!)
We are collecting pillowcases to send to some special kids in India, and we NEED those pillowcases you will never use! Don't let them sit idle any longer. :)
You can mail or drop them off at my house any new or lightly used pillowcases! My address is:
445 East Center Street
Shelley, ID
PLEEEEEEASE help us! There is no reason for these sweet kids to go without such a simple thing. :)
Thank you!

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