Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Projects!!

As you all know, for a while (like, TWO MONTHS!), I have been thinking it is time for some Fuzzi Bunz around here :). Operation: Fuzzi Bunz was so wonderful last year that I really wanted to make it an annual project. I kept thinking, "I NEED to have another OPERATION: Fuzzi Bunz!" I had this feeling like some little buns needed some cozy covering. However, each time I thought, "Okay, I am going to announce the start of Operation: FB", I would have this feeling to wait. I couldn't figure out why, but I waited. I had a feeling there would be SOME diaper project, but I wasn't quite spot-on with Fuzzi Bunz. Just THIS WEEK, board member Bryttan (who also happens to be my lovely sister! HI, BRYTTAN!) found about about some very special kids with a VERY specific and desperate need. I will let her tell the story, but I wanted to give you a little "teaser" that something exciting is coming up! We are always discussing projects around here. Many are brought to the table each month, but VERY FEW are put in to motion. It is sad, really. Very sad. We know of many places that could use our help. My first reaction when I hear of a need is to say, "YES! We will do it!" But I don't want to make promises I can't keep. It breaks my heart, but I think it is worse to say SSS will fulfill a need and then not. Why don't we do them all? It all comes down to finances. Money...some say it's the "root of all evil". Sometimes, I feel like it is the root of all apparent apathy. Soooo...I just want to say that if you have been thinking to yourself, "Gosh, I have so many thousands of extra dollars taking up space in my wallet. =SIGH= I surely do wish I knew what to do with it!" we surely would be happy to spend it in a good way for you. :) And please remember, NO donations is "too small". I am serious!!!!!! Anyway, we have a couple (or maybe three?) projects on the table now that we might decided to work on, and we will certainly need your help and prayers! Are you ready for some fun? :) I know I am! Bring on the diapers! OOOPS! I almost spoiled the surprise!! :) OH! One last thing!!!!! And this is ONLY for adults! Please consider checking out THIS blog. It is a bit graphic, but can be eye-opening. If you are unable to look at this blog, will you please consider praying for the people of Sudan anyway, if you aren't already? Thanks. :)

Here is a little picture of some "Fuzzi Bunz" recipients from last year's project. :) SO CUTE, don't you think?! (Photo courtesy of Serving His Children . PHOTO COPYRIGHTED! )


B-Blogit said...

Right on lets get fuzzi! Ive talked to a few coworkers about it to see if they would want to donate! I wrote a little something about it on an internal site at work where they kee track of where you volunteer. Perhaps others will want to do something!

Small Stones said...

Blake, THANK YOU! You ROOOOCK! I always get excited about projects once you get ear of them, because you always make them HAPPEN! And you get excited about them, too! :D THANK YOU!