Monday, May 18, 2009

I am SO BLESSED to have Bryttan and Jeremy on my board! AND plans for our first event!!

I am so lucky and so blessed! Already I am seeing the strengths of the people on my board! It is amazing to watch how God works through them. I can see we will accomplish much with these two such amazing, spiritual and Godly people working together with me. I am humbled at their eagerness to grab hold of my ridiculous dream and make it their own. Jeremy's enthusiasm never ceases to amaze me. He asks all the time how soon we can start a project for Small Stones. He has so many ideas and just can't wait to put them into effect. Jeremy has a HUGE heart and loves more people day by day. He is always ready to reach out to someone else, and that is something I admire greatly in him. He would help anyone in any way, at any moment. It is truly amazing to watch him. He understands how to serve better than anyone I know. I have a LOT to learn from him about true, genuine, inconvenient SACRIFICE and SERVICE. I am so blessed to have him on my board. Bryttan is my sister, so I could talk endlessly about her spirit and example. Bryttan loves everyone. Absolutely everyone, and in a bigger, more powerful way than I have ever seen anyone love. She can reach the heart of anyone. People are drawn to her because of the love she emanates. She NEVER is slow to love someone. She will take anyone in her arms and encircle them in such peace I have never seen. People with disabilities, people with trials, people who are absolutely heartless and cruel to Bryttan are completely loved by her. Her endless love makes her a joy to be around as she never bears ill-will or malice for ANYONE, even those who hurt her most. She will love and accept ANYONE without question. Bryttan is passionate about being around the poor and orphaned in the world, and she yearns to show them love by serving them. She is a perfect example of Christ-like love! Her love will bless us all as she serves on the board of Small Stones. Bryttan had a fabulous fund-raising idea!! Near our home is a large outdoor mall. It is hip and cool, and TONS of people LOVE this mall! Not only is there great shopping, they also have a huge movie theatre, an IMAX theatre and planetarium, a space museum AND a children's museum! It is also a fun place to just wander around and soak up the relaxed and exciting atmosphere. Bryttan suggested that this summer, we set up a booth at this outdoor mall. At our booth we will have buckets of paint and rocks. For 16 cents (in accordance with the name of SIXTEEN Small Stones) people can paint a rock! All of the money will go to 16 Small Stones (of course). Her idea gets even more fun! We will take pictures of people painting the stones and put them in an album here on our blog. Later, if others wish to contribute to Small Stones, they can paint a rock and send pictures to us with their donation and we will add their picture to our album!! I thought it was such a fun idea and a way for people who donate to feel part of something by having their picture on the blog. Having all of the people who donate paint a rock and take a picture will, I think, have a sort of unifying effect for everyone who donates. They can see how people from many backgrounds, in many situations in life, who are different ages and races and types, can all join together to make a difference! I will post a date and time here when we know for sure when we will do this, so you can all come and support SSS if you want to! Pretty soon, we are going to have our first "Board Meeting"...I will let you all know how that goes! I am really excited! We may be able to have it tomorrow! WOOHOO!!!!! And remember, Bryttan is "recruiting" people to help, to be board members, or to be otherwise involved with Sixteen Small if you want to be recruited, let me know and I will get your info. to Bryttan so she can contact you! (This includes if you want to help at this FUN first fund raising gig of rock if you want to help or be involved with it, leave me a comment! I think it will be REALLY fun!)

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