Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hey there, I'm Brytt! You want to read this post, I promise.

Hi! I am a member of Sixteen Small Stones and am also sister to that awesome girl, Breclyn. I'm that girl that has some good ideas, but never really knows how to follow through with them. You've heard of me, I know you have.
So, I recently learned of this sweet little Girl and her amazing Story.
What a precious selfless act for someone, ESPECIALLY a young girl, to do. Her parents must be so proud and I'm sure Rachael is as well. For Her 9th birthday, all that Rachael wanted, was to raise $300.00 to fund clean drinking water projects in developing nations.
An 8 year old wanted this.
Rachael made a very selfless decision in Heaven. She knew that She would come to this earth to help, to love, to teach, and to be an example, all in a short time.Last month Rachael was injured in an accident and was in critical condition. A few days later, She was taken off of life support and went back home to heaven, leaving such an amazing legacy behind. This precious girl had a goal, it was to raise $300.00. She has raised $758,386 and counting. She is in Heaven, and I know She is smiling. Because of Rachael and her wonderful heart, over 37,919 people have been served. Rachael has saved so many people and has taught us all so much. Rachael is an example to us. It is never to late to serve. It is never to late to love. It is never to late to just act. What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world, remains and is immortal. ~anonymous donor. Please Donate to Rachael's Charity if you can. If you cannot, please pray for the people who are in need of clean water and help all over the world, and please be sure to pray for Rachael's family. This is the a link to Rachael's charity. Please go read it. http://mycharitywater.org/rachels9thbirthday *************
Sixteen Small Stones is a group of Volunteers that through small steps and small acts, are helping people all over the world. Rachael's story teaches us that it is never too late to act. Sixteen Small Stones wants to help many people all over the world, but without your actions, your help, it is very difficult.
Matthew 18:4 "Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven."
And don't worry, I am still working on that "special surprise" Breclyn mentioned in the last post. I received some very sad and devastating news, and because of this, I am holding off on announcing anything until I get further information. But please remember SSS and every single person helping with us and those we are trying to help, in your prayers. With everyone's help, we can serve.


MommyBrec said...

Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this, Brytt! I didn't even know about this sweet girl, bless her heart. I am so glad you posted about her!!!!!! And the pictures you put up were amazing. Thank you for sharing. :) :)

Rachael said...

Thanks for sharing... Amazing!