Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Today's Note

Sometimes, you have to give up what you love for what God loves. His path is greater, and even though our pain right now might be great, it will be dwarfed in the end by our JOY! Okay, so today's note is a little more complex than the usual "clothing and food". I hope this doesn't embarrass any of my readers, but I THINK we are all mature enough to handle to complexities of the human body. We are working with several people and groups who are working with the children and youth living at Mukisa (the prison in Uganda). One of the major issues facing those living there is sanitation for the older girls. During their menstrual periods, the girls are forced to tie banana leaves around them to absorb the blood. I can only imagine the humiliation and discomfort these girls must endure! On top of that, I can only guess at the infections and disease this COULD create, not only for those young women, but also for others living in the prison since there is no disposal system for ANY garbage there. Maybe because I am a girl, but more likely, maybe because I am HUMAN, I feel sicked and saddened at the situation in which these innocent girls are put, where they are having their very pride and modesty compromised. This sale will (hopefully, as we work with other groups to find a solution to this problem): *PROVIDE FEMALE HYGIENE CARE SOLUTIONS FOR THE YOUNG WOMEN AT MUKISA. *

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B-Blogit said...

ok im a guy and that is just wrong. Banana leaves I could only imagine that they dont soak up much of anything so you know how that can me.

How horrible! Please everyone go to the Sale and help by making a purchase!