Friday, May 21, 2010

Bake Sale and Introducing BLAKE and NATALIE!

Thank you, to everyone, who has helped and is helping with the Open Air Benefit Sale!! Thanks to our own Natalie, our sale is now going to have a BAKE SALE area! Don't worry, I am not doing the one likes burned cake, and that's a fact. :) No, Natalie is cooking up some of her special delicacies, and you aren't going to want to miss out on buying these scrumptious treats! Also, thank you to our newest Team Member, Blake! Blake has set up a facebook event for us so people can RSVP in advance to this event! (So, if you are attending, please RSVP on facebook!:)!!!!) Okay, so I realized after I wrote that that you have no idea who Blake and Natalie are! I think some introductions are in order (and I LOVE being able to introduce you all to our new of my favorite things to blog about! :D!!!!)! Natalie and I have been friends for a long time! Although we lost touch for several years, I always have considered her a good friend, and I am so, so happy she is one of Sixteen Small Stones' leaders now! Natalie is an amazing woman with a HUGE heart! Almost weekly, she is sending our way bags of donations for the children. I think she is single-handedly going to clothe the entire country of Uganda! Natalie is always the first one to step up when we introduce a new project at Sixteen Small Stones. She rarely asks, "How can I help?" and instead just jumps in with both feet and starts working without having to be asked or told what to do. She is a mother to three small children and sets an example daily of how to live a Christ-like life. She is loving and kind and she gives and gives without expecting something in return. Natalie is our China Specialist. I am so, so happy she decided to serve in this position and I am so thankful she has joined our team!! I can't wait to see the great things God has planned for Natalie! Blake has been my friend since high school. For years, we were out of touch, but, thanks to facebook, we have reconnected, and I am so, so thankful for that. Blake has a heart of gold! He and his wife are so giving and would sacrifice anything to help someone in need. When the earthquake hit Haiti, their hearts were pulled to serve those most in need at that time. Having small children at home, they realized serving on site in Haiti would not be possible, but they still knew they wanted to help the people of Haiti during that trying time. Blake and his wife reached out to the Haiti people through Sixteen Small Stones, and Blake ended up setting up a short-term group called Hands Helping Haiti to collect supplies to send to Haiti, including toiletries, shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc. His donated items went to a camp of over 100 families living in make-shift shelters in a church parking lot. Blake has been a huge support to me and to Sixteen Small Stones. He is always one step ahead of me with organizing things for Sixteen Small Stones, such as setting up pages on facebook for our events. :) Whatever Sixteen Small Stones needs, Blake is there to get things done. We are so blessed to have Blake on the Sixteen Small Stones team. He has already helped us so much, and I am so thankful Blake is on the Sixteen Small Stones board!!

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B-Blogit said...

aww thanks Breclyn! It is great to help out when and where I can.

Im just too much of a control freak to let someone else be a step ahead or even on the same pace LOL!