Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Please, Monsieur, another note!

I am starting to feel like The Phantom Of The Opera with all of these notes. :) So, it is time for today's note. Sometimes, it is easier to do a major service PROJECT than to do a simple service, like wash the dishes for your mom. When it is a HUGE ordeal, you feel like you have done something great and amazing! Sometimes, the little things take the most sacrifice...because they take so little physical EFFORT. Does that make sense? So, something that is hard to wrap our minds around is that, for a nickel, you can feed a child a meal. A nickel. A nickel is so small, sometimes we don't even think about it. A quarter, we are slower to sacrifice, you know? But a nickel...they get lost in the bottom of our purse, or tossed on the dresser, and we try and figure out ways to "get rid" of them. When something costs a dollar and five cents, we often tell the clerk NOT to get us the change..."Wait! Wait! I KNOW I have a nickel! Please let me get rid of some of this change!" Well, here is your chance to "get rid" of that loose change. Those nickels that are worth so little alone. At least, for us. A volunteer at one of our Friend Homes in Africa told us a child at the school was so hungry, she ate her pencil. Renee with Serving His Children shows us pictures of hungry children. Why are they hungry? Because they don't have a nickel. Yes, one nickel would buy them an entire meal. And we thought the dollar menu was cheap! For the price of your snack wrap at w*endy's, you could buy TWENTY kids a MEAL. (Not saying YOU shouldn't eat...just putting in to perspective how little a nickel is to us, and how MUCH it is to those kids!) our sale we are going to have a Nickel Jar. It is a glass jar you can LOOK at and SEE how many meals will be bought. You can plunk YOUR nickel in the jar and visually SEE it added to the others...add a meal for a child. This sale will: *PROVIDE FOOD FOR HUNGRY CHILDREN.

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B-Blogit said...

ive got change in all sorts of places in my little 2 bedroom apartment. I will gather up some and send it.

I cannot get the whole banana leaf thing out of my head all day!