Monday, May 3, 2010

BUSINESS CARDS (and a plug for Vista Print)

Guess what?! We have BUSINESS CARDS! REALLY! They are BEAUTIFUL! I absolutely adore them (as well I should...after all, I designed them!). The best part? They were FREE! (I know I shouldn't announce that...I sound so cheap!) I am so, so thankful to this company for providing items for free. It is so kind of them, and I greatly appreciate it. So, to show my gratitude, I am doing a bit of advertising for them here...USE VISTA PRINT FOR ALL OF YOUR BUSINESS, PARTY, ANNOUNCEMENT, ETC. NEEDS! They have SO many things and they are so worth your time! With their "free items", all you pay is shipping! If you DO order from them, make sure you order everything you need in ONE shipment so you only have to pay shipping once (here I am, being cheap again!!). Anyway, their website is Check them out! You can get some cool things made!
I am so thankful we could order these cards! They look so nice. We are going to have them set out at the garage sale, too, for people to take. Yay! Thank you, Vista Print! :D


B-Blogit said...

Oh man do great minds think alike or what? I have my own business and I just designed new cards and used this exact pattern! HAHA awesome!

You know you can make tshirts with this pattern too yeah?

B-Blogit said...

ps can you mail me 3 of those? I hear there are a couple places out here that are looking for places to donate so I can drop a card to make it look professional if I go there.