Wednesday, February 10, 2010


We have been in touch with an organization working with an orphanage in Haiti. (See more information about them at The woman, Deanne, contacted me today and told me there are families in Haiti living in their church parking lot because their homes have been destroyed. They have no food or water. They have NOTHING. This woman committed to help 100 of the families living at this church. Of course, as soon as I heard about this great need, I prayed and asked Heavenly Father if this was something in which Sixteen Small Stones should be involved. In my mind, I was thinking, "No way! We are still trying to collect the Valentines for Operation: Love. There is NO WAY we can do ANOTHER project, right now OR in the near future!" So, of course God smile and said, "Yes, you can. And you will! With My help, ALL things are possible." So, here we introduce Operation: 100 Families. And we are going to need TONS of help to accomplish this! We have a LOT of families who are in need of a LOT of things!! As you all know from our posts about needing to help OUR partner orphanage in Haiti, mailing donations right now is futile. The biggest and strongest muscle the donations out of the hands of others. SO...a group of kind Volunteers will HAND DELIVER the donations to the families!! In this way, we can ENSURE the donations make it to the right people. Ready for the big kicker? The first group of volunteers is leaving next week, so ALL donations need to be to me (or one of the drop-of locations) BY MONDAY MORNING!!!!!! Yes, THIS MONDAY! I know, it leaves everyone VERY little time to budget and buy donations or donate money...HOWEVER...I have FAITH that God knows each of those families. He loves them and wants to take care of them. He knows how we can accomplish this task. We need only be His hands and feet in His work. I am posting a list of items needed. When I first saw it, it seemed so HUGE and OVERWHELMING! Then, I reminded myself, "I cannot do EVERYTHING, but I CAN do SOMETHING!" So, I picked two things off the list and am going to donate those. I am also going through Taiger's closet and collecting all his old shoes to send (old, but still in good shape...this kid grows out of shoes like a potted pine tree goes through pots!). Let me know if ANYTHING on this list looks like something you could donate! Even if it is just ONE item, it will help! We have 100 families who are in great need...let's get them taken care of!! THANK YOU, ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Donation List Food Rice 25lb Beans 25lb Olive Oil Crackers – Saltine Candy Sugar 10lb Flour 25lb Water - bottled Spaghetti Corn Flour 25lb Powdered Juice – lg can Peanut butter Jelly Ramen Noodles – case Cereal – lg. bag Beef\Chicken Bouillon Personal Care Hand Towels Plastic plates Plastic utensils Diapers Female Sanitation Supplies Toothbrushes/paste Shampoo Bar Soap Dish soap – small Laundry detergent Body lotion Medical Supplies Mask Tylenol Cough Medicine Advil Alcohol swabs Cotton/ Gauze Household Items Tent– lightweight, family size Flashlights Batteries for flashlights Duct Tape Toys for children Shoes XXL Ziplocs XL Ziplocs The sizes indicated are the amounts going into each bag. There are some items that we will be putting multiples in the bags. If you donate items different in quantity than listed that is great, we will divide them up in Ziplocs.

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