Monday, February 8, 2010

God's Hand

Today, in church, we were asked a question: Have I seen the hand of God reaching out to touch me today? People ask me all the time, "WHY?!" Why do I want to help orphans? Why am I so obsessed with serving others in Africa, China and Haiti? Why do I want to move to China? Why do I want to open my food program? Why do I spend so much time working on Sixteen Small Stones? Why, why, why?! Why, indeed. Each day, we experience God's hand reaching out to touch our lives. Small or big ,things that testify of His hand in our lives. From a service someone shows us, to a miracle that takes place in our lives, to the way the sun warms our face, or the sound of a child's laughter. Each day, something happens that testifies of God's hand in our life. Those moments are so precious, so priceless...What would you do to receive ONE MORE of those moments? Even just one? When I am serving the orphans, when I am learning about their trials, when I am reading about the work others are doing for orphans, when I am hearing stories of someone serving the "least of these", I see God's hand in my life. I am able to experience just one more of "those" moments. Why indeed.

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