Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tiny Miracles

This event seemed to be a meaningful encounter, so I wanted to write about it...but it is one of those things that will mean more later. So, I will write about it now, and someday understand its importance. The other night I went to the grocery store to pick up some items I wanted to give Taiger from Cupid, but was waiting for the after V. Day sales!! It was late, I had been at work all day, and I was tired...but was REALLY excited about the toy lion I had seen and wanted to get him once it was not so expensive. As Jeremy and I got to the sales items, I noticed an older man standing there, his arms loaded with goodies, including a lion like the one I wanted. Luckily, there were more in the basket...:D Anyway, I don't remember how it happened, but we started talking. He was a grandfather, buying things for his grandkids. He gave Jeremy and I advice about marriage and love, and then he asked if I had found Christ. I said, "Yes!" He asked, "Have you?" I said I have. His eyes looked into my eyes. I smelled cigarettes on him, and that reminded me of my gradfather, who I love, and is gone now. I saw the pack in his pocket and smiled to myself. The man asked, "Are you Christian?" I said, "Very Christian!" He asked me, "Are you Mormon?" I said I was. He shook my hand and told me I am the only Mormon he has ever met who has said they are Christian. That concerned me, because OF COURSE WE ARE!!!!!!!!!!!! The name of Jesus Christ is right in the name of our religion..."The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day Saints". As we visited, I felt The Spirit so strongly. In the end, I gave him the address for this blog. He asked about the name, and I told him the story of The Brother of Jared. Suddenly, i realized how good it felt to teach someone the stories from The Book Of Mormon!!!!! I think that was a glimpse of how it must feel to be a Missionary! This man told me he was glad to have met me, and shook my hand. I was glad to have met him, too. It was a wonderful Spiritual experience. That doesn't happen often at the grocery store...although it could probably happen often if we let it. As I spoke to this man, I was reminded of being in China. I didn't know why, but later as I thought about it, I realized why. In China, anyone will come up to me and talk to me. That doesn't happen too often to me in America. Here, I am just another person. There, people approach me, as this man did. I like talking to new people! It feels so great to talk to new people like that. Also, when I was talking with people in China, I felt The Spirit. That is something feel The Spirit in every day situations. To feel The Spirit by reaching out to another human being, another of God's children. That is an amazing experience. I need that. I long for that. Taiger, too, needs that. To feel that Spirit daily in every day situations and by reaching out to others. It is a miracle, and we need those tiny miracles!! Tiny miracles can be found in the most common places. In the face of a beggar. In the smile of a child. In the conversation with a stranger. In a sincere prayer. Feeling that Spirit IS a miracle!! Sorry this post is random. Just thoughts jotted down as they came.

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