Friday, February 27, 2009


Why do I wonder? Why do I forget that GOD, who created all, who knows each bird in the sky, who knows each hair on the head of each person, is in control? I have been so worried about what to do. I think of those precious children in JingMen, waiting for ME to come and save them. I think each day I am away, they are suffering. I wonder when I am supposed to go and lift those children from their pain and misery and lonliness. I think it is all on me. Today, I came across the blog of two women who have adopted children from JingMen. Together, they started a foster care programme in JingMen!!!!! Just what I felt I should do! Oh, GOD IS GOOD! About the time I felt called to do this, in summer of 2007, these women started their programme. GOD IS GOOD! As I was worrying and praying about what to do, God already had HIS plan in action. He was already working through these women to help the children of JingMen. God is good. God is SO GOOD.

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