Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sleepless, desiring to serve

I woke up and could not go back to sleep. I am thinking so much about what I am supposed to do to serve others. I know I must sound CRAZY... I found online this AMAZING group of people doing wonderful things to help others. Check out I feel inspired to do more. The small things I want to do to help others are are so...small...there is SO MUCH MORE to be done. Children to hold. Widows to touch. Men, broken and tired, to uplift. Tears to wipe away. Prayers to offer. I want to jump up and go NOW, although to where I don't know! I am excited and anxious to get to Ghana and serve the children at Lucky Hill. I feel there is all this compassion boiling inside of me, pushing to be let out. I believe the more service one does, the more one desires to serve. I hope and pray our journy to Africa will give my son the desire to serve. I pray that, despite his young age, we will be able to serve side by side. That his innocence and youth will touch the hearts of the adults I wish to serve, and that his pure spirit and happiness will reach out to the children whose pure spirits may better understand him than they may me. I pray that because of his youth he will be able to bless those with whom we come in contact, perhaps better than I. I pray that for the time we are in Africa he will be wise and mature beyond his years. I believe God works through children, and I pray that God will work though him. Taiger has only been away from Heaven for three short years. Many of those we are going to serve have also just recently come from the realms of Heaven. They are all so pure. I am so blessed to be able to be with Taiger every day and feel of his strong spirit. I am so thankful he will be with me on this journy to Africa. I am sure he will be able to serve better than I. I am sure he will be more open to the promptings of The Spirit, although I pray I will also be able to feel the Holy Ghost and be led in our service in Africa.

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Samuel (and Parents) said...

I Love your enthusiasm to serve others!!! I wish that I had arms to help every child and every person in need around the world! Yet, I know some people who think opportunities to serve are limited. I love your postings - because I think it just goes to show there are so many places and people who need help all around the world - including in our own backyards.
You should check out This is a group of women who want to serve others and they would probably love some of your ideas! I know they are looking for writers about topics that are closest to them!
Just a thought!
Happy Holidays!