Tuesday, June 15, 2010

God Is Good

Some incredible things happened yesterday. I want to share them with you. For the past few days, I have been packing up the donations to Renee (Serving His Children) and Gabi (Racham Ministries). I finished the box for Renee and planned to send it. I lifted the box, and boy! was it heavier than I had thought it would be. Gabi's, too, was big and heavy! I knew I needed to send Renee's box ASAP because she is leaving the states soon, so I made arrangements to mail Renee's box. Then, I started panicking. What if I couldn't afford to send the boxes? I remembered a God who had provided twenty four Fuzzi Bunz diapers against all odds. I also realized God would not have provided the diapers and would not have asked me to send them without providing a way to accomplish what He asked. So...what did I do? I prayed! I prayed with full faith that God would provide a way for the packages to be sent to Renee and Gabi. I absolutely believed that God could provide a way for those boxes to be sent. I envisioned some kind person behind me hearing where the box was going and footing the bill. I imagined a SALE at the post office...I mean, I had never before HEARD of a postal sale, but that wasn't the point. I KNEW God could provide a way. As I was kneeling in my room, my Mom hollered in to me. She said she had just received a notice in the mail that I had a bank account in Shelley that hadn't been used in five years and I needed to do something with the account--either withdraw or deposit--or the money would be given to the government. I smiled. I knew God could find a way. SOME way. A bank account? In Shelley? God had a plan for this moment from the time I opened that account and then forgot about it (I know it seems impossible to forget about money, but to this moment I cannot remember leaving money in an account in Idaho...). He knew this time would come where I would need the money. So, off I trekked to the Post Office, with my box of donations in the back seat.
At the post office, my sister came in with me. As we stood in line, we guessed how much it would cost. Mind you, I had only made 140 dollars at the sale to send these boxes. I thought this box would cost $70.00, my sister guessed $80.00. Either way, if either of our guesses were correct, I would be left without enough to send Gabi's package without spending the money in the mysterious bank account. I was so happy God had revealed that to me before I left so I would not be under great stress at the Post Office, waiting in that line, wondering what the mailing cost would be. When it was our turn, the postman read us the prices. The cheapest price? You will never guess. $21.00 No kidding. A sale at the Post Office?! God is good. Always so, so good. :)

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gabi dickinson said...

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