Saturday, June 19, 2010

Another Mriacle at the Post Office

Another sale at the Post Office?? Hmmmmm...I think God is up to something. He has some AMAZING work He is preparing some special young women for. :) I sent another box of donations a couple of days ago. This was the SCARY box. I had sorted and resorted. I had down sized again and again, taking out items I thought were not AS necessary as others, etc. In the end, I had a box that was so full I had to put paper on the top to fill in the gap between the folded down leaves on the top. I went to the post office just to weigh it. I had brought the address and some tape JUST IN CASE, but I fully planned to weigh it, find out the price, and come home and downsize AGAIN. I had discussed with Gabi how much it COULD cost. I was estimating around $200.00, but hoping for $150.00...what? I believe in miracles!! I had raised $140.00 at the yard sale. Twenty of that went to sending Renee's package. That meant I would have to use some of the money from my "miracle stash" in Shelley. That was okay. But I was REALLY wanting to use it to either help with the cost of getting to China, or help with the cost of registering SSS as an NGO (a girl can dream!). If it came to more than $200.00, I didn't know WHAT I would take already felt like I wasn't sending nearly enough! I stood nervously in line, trying to guess how much it was going to cost, and trying to picture what I could take out of the box (on that part, I was coming up blank). When it was my turn, I hefted the huge box onto the counter and told the post woman I just wanted to weigh it and find out how much it would cost. She looked at me doubtfully and asked, "Is it going to close?" It was stuffed past closing, but I promised her I could squish it down and it would fit...I was hoping for a miracle for that part. When she read me the price, I think I just gave her this odd, blank stare. The price? $71.00. Blank stare. Not $200.00? Not $100.00? Just seventy-one dollars? For the WHOLE box? To England? Why is it so hard to believe miracles? :) Since I wasn't actually thinking I would be able to afford to mail it at that time, I didn't bring my camera, so you will have to trust me that the box did make it to the post office. :) We have cloth diapers, socks, and clothes en route to England even as we speak! We are praying God will provide Gabi with the two extra suitcases so she can transport all of the donations with her to Africa. (Please join us in prayer if you feel so inclined.) Thank you all for your love and support. God is so, so good. :) :)

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