Saturday, June 30, 2012


The Moghadams are HOME!  ALL eight of them!  It is a miracle and I am thanking God this day that they are TOGETHER and are HOME. :)

I cannot imagine how traumatizing the experience must have been.  Nor can I imagine going through the natural, normal adjustments of bringing home adopted children (YAY!) with this experience and trauma as the starting point of their new life together.  I hope the children are able to transition well in to this new family and new country and new life despite the rocky start to it all. It makes me sad for the whole family that that negative experience had to be where their family began.  BUT, I also believe strong families are made out of hard times, and I hope this will only strengthen their family. :)

Anyway, that is my little thought on the subject. :)  {HERE} is the link to the family's blog.

Again, I am SO THANKFUL they are all home safe and sound.  Thank you to everyone who has thought of them and prayed for them.

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