Saturday, June 23, 2012


There is an urgent situation in Ghana, Africa!!!!!!  I ask for everyone to join me in prayer.  If you aren't the praying type, you can join me in sending out positive thoughts into the universe.  If you know anyone in Ghana, you could maybe consider contacting them and seeing if they can help!

Here is the situation.

This mom and dad with two biological sons (ages 3 1/2 and 7) decided to adopt!  After much prayer and pondering they felt they were to adopt these four siblings in Ghana.  The parents and their two biological sons have just traveled to Ghana to bring home their four "new" children.  However, once there, someone called the police and FALSELY reported they were trafficking children!!!!!!!!  The parents were thrown in PRISON and ALL six children were sent to an orphanage!!!!!!  The US Embassy said they will not consider the case until MONDAY!  This will be THE WORST weekend of their lives...and who knows how long after the US Embassy considers their case the parents will be released and reunited with their children!!

I cannot even imagine how those parents must feel!  Taken from their children, and in a prison in a different country!  I know life in the orphanage was hard for those four children, and I cannot guess the trauma of thinking they were going "home" with their new family, only to be sent back to the orphan home.  I also cannot guess the trauma their other two children are feeling at being in a new, strange country and taken from their parents and placed in an orphanage (with over 200 children!).  The trauma and stress this family is experiencing is heartbreaking and overwhelming to even think about.

CLICK HERE to watch a video of the family.

Below is a picture of the family.

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Shannon Dooley said...

I want to cry!!! This is horrible!!! It sounds like a movie;not real life! Please keep us updated.