Monday, October 5, 2009

So Many Blessings!

SO EXCITED!!!!!! I met with my professor today. Okay, so she said that I COULD study at the University in JingMen, but advised against it. In the end, I feel inclined to agree with her. The reasons for studying at the schools that have partnered with the U are these: 1) My prof. can PREPARE me for what to expect and what classes will be like 2) It is easier to determine what credits will count toward my graduation when the U knows just what I have learned 3) The classes they offer are GEARED toward Chinese language students, rather than being classes geared toward Chinese students 4) The classes I would be taking would be TEACHING me Chinese, rather than just being IN Chinese, but being topics irrelavant to learning Chinese (such as science, math, history, etc.) So, I was sad I will not be going to JingMen, but all in good time. Why am I not discouraged? Because something really, really wonderful happened durring our conversation! My Prof. ASKED ME about my goals in China, about my food program, AND SHE DID NOT LAUGH, SHE DID NOT THINK I WAS CRAZY, SHE WAS SERIOUS AND REAL about it! She didn't get "fake" excited. She didn't start going crazy with unrealistic ideas. Instead, she was supportive and had good advice about which school in China could help me most, about which classes at the U would help me, and about other things that could help me. She gave me relivant and pertanant information about how I could go about achieving my dream. In the end, she said TWICE that this conversation would continue! Meaning, SHE wants to talk to ME about it! (Rather than what usually happens: me yammering on and on about my dream of going to China.) She also said she would CONTINUE TO THINK about what I can do to get on the right path to my food program!!!!!! SHE is going to think about it! Not me alone! She is going to HELP me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so thankful to Heavenly Father for guiding me and helping me, and I am so thankful to Heavenly Father for softening her heart towards me and my plans (which is really His plan). I am so thankful to Professor Wan for listening and guiding me. How blessed I am!!!!! Small Stones could be real again!

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