Saturday, October 24, 2009

Documentary and Jumping

There is so much I want to say, but, as usual, the words betray me. Not because I can't think of the words to write, but because the words are too many. I have met someone fantastic who wants to help me with Sixteen Small Stones. Slowly, one by one, the right people come along. I am so hesitant to reach out to these people, to ask for their help, or to accept their offers to help. However, I am learning to put aside my inhibitions and GRAB onto these people with all the hope I can. I NEED help with Sixteen Small Stones. I NEED Sixteen Small Stones to be a success, and I can NOT do it alone. It is hard for me to ask people to help with something that is no more than a dream...a wish...a vision. You can't instill your ideas and dreams in someone. You just have to hope and pray they have the faith in you that you have in your your God. My greatest wish is that their efforts come to some great end and they can feel pleased in the work they have done. I wish there were some way to thank the people who are willing (maybe even excited??) to help with Sixteen Small Stones. I guess the important thing to remember is that Sixteen Small Stones is NOT my is someone else's only chance at life. So, for the sake of someones life, I put aside my inhibitions...and jump.

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