Friday, August 7, 2009

Event Post #1

We are 40 mins into our event and nothing. No one has come. But we prayed as a group and I just know God's Will will be done. Whatever He has planned for us will come to pass. Maybe no one will show, but Sixteen Small Stones will still go on. The neighbor girls and Taiger are having fun painting! :D We have been able to spend all morning outside and the weather is WONDERFUL! Not too hot! Nice and cool. It has been very beautiful out. We have also had a chance to visit and listen to the lovely music we have playing on our side shows. This, I think, is a test for heart is not soft enough.

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Adrienne said...

I think it was great! We had a blast. Brighton and Brandon love their rocks. Please don't give up the orphans of the world need us. I am inspired and want to start making dolls, I'll let you know.